The online casino GGY in the UK reached an impressive £5.7 billion in November 2020, with slots and table games dominating this spend.

What’s more, the online GGY now accounts for more than 38% of the industry as a whole, as a growing number of players continue their transition to virtual and mobile casinos.

You can learn more about the best online casinos at UkCasino.Org.Uk, but what exactly should you look for when choosing a platform for yourself? Let’s find out!

1. Check Out the Number of Games and the Return-to-Player (RTP) Rate

Independent comparison sites (such as the example listed above) should always be your first port of call when searching for a licensed and secure online casino.

The reason for this is simple; as these entities provide comprehensive casino reviews and clearly presented data to help you make an informed decision.

One of the most important datasets from the perspective of casual players is the number of games featured on a site, with some libraries considerably larger and more diverse than others.

For example, Mansion Casino features a relatively small but highly selective library of 396 high quality games, whereas BetVictor features more than double this number of titles (879).

While this isn’t the only important metric to keep in mind, it’s certainly crucial to a diverse and sustainable gameplay experience and particularly important for casual players who want to access a wide range of games over time.

The games’ library featured by a casino also impacts on a site’s payout and return-to-player (RTP) rate, which must now be published by licensed sites and indicates how much you can expect to recoup on average for every £1 wagered.

Here, sites such as Mansion Casino excels, with this platform offering an average payout of 97.25% across its various verticals.

Inevitably, the RTP rate falls slightly for casinos that have a wider diversity of low and high-variance games, but this is a delicate balance act that must be considered by players.

2. Read the Welcome Bonus in Detail

There are many factors that impact on the quality of any casino or video gaming experience, but not all of these have been created equal.

In the modern age, for example, the welcome bonus offered by a casino is incredibly important and influential, particularly the lucrative nature used by operators throughout the UK.

Most contemporary bonus offers feature a 100% deposit match up to a specified value, with this varying from one operator to another.

For example, Betway is currently offering a 100% deposit match up to £250 for new players, whereas the value of the corresponding bonus for Mansion Casino is twice the size at £500.

Some operators even offer bonuses up to the value of £2,000 or more, although in this instance, the welcome offer may be distributed across a player’s first three or five deposits.

Occasionally, operators will also offer a finite number of free spins (either as part of a deposit or no-deposit bonus).

These will each have a finite value, while they may be particularly alluring if you’re an avid fan of slot games!

3. See What the People Have to Say!

Another huge advantage offered by online comparison sites is that they rely heavily on user-generated content.

This is particularly true in terms of reviews; as such sites tend to feature a combination of professional reviews and first-hand consumer feedback to provide an insight into each casino’s unique qualities.

The most common model for review sites separate expert and player ratings, as this offers a broader selection of insights and provides accurate average scores that can be compared and contrasted in detail.

Player reviews will offer first-hand customer experience and practical advice for casual players, for example, whereas experts will provide a far greater depth of insight into elements such as a welcome offer’s precise terms and conditions.

The latter is especially relevant when trying to understand often complex wagering requirements and what they mean in practical terms, such as the exact amount that you’ll have to play through to withdraw any winnings.

As reviews are split between players and experts, you can also focus on content that suits your own outlook and status when wagering.

So, in addition to gaining an overview of a particular site and understanding different perspectives, you can also hone your search to see the experiences of players like you.