Every year we seem to come up with brand new gadgets that take things to the next level; the devices out there now are so much more than what we had only a few years ago, and their capabilities are increasing all the time. We live in a world that is driven by digital technology, with everyone seemingly being glued to the latest smartphone or fitness tracking device. So, as 2018 is only round the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what the next year will bring in regards to smart technology. BuyaBattery give an insight into the top gadgets and tech trends that you’re likely to see more of in 2018.

Internet of things

The concept of the ‘internet of things’ is growing constantly. Referring to a network of devices, software and connectivity, the internet of things is a concept recognised all over the world and has transformed many different industries.

2018 will no doubt see an expansion of devices that can be connected; going further than just smartphones and laptops. Smart devices will begin to include other ideas, like smart locks for your home and other similar ideas that will be readily available and accepted. Expanding the number of connected devices will no doubt mean that the internet of things becomes easier, more accurate and more accessible, as everything slowly becomes more and more interconnected. It’s a trend that has been talked about for a few years, but 2018 will see more growth and development.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has had a slow start, beginning with the likes of the VR headsets but they aren’t quite as widespread as other gadgets. The headsets required expensive gear and technical know-how, but thanks to further development it might become more mainstream in 2018. HTC Vive and Facebook Oculus Rift have been launched, which are built on ‘outside-in’ tracking techniques that improve accuracy.

The new hardware doesn’t need to be connected to a computer, which makes it more attractive to the average customer. It still feels like virtual reality has a way to go before it’s adopted by the majority, but 2018 will certainly see some steps in the right direction.

Security devices

Most of us will have a smartphone or a fitness tracker, but now smart devices are helping us in a new way; to keep our homes secure. There is an influx of devices to make sure we have more control over our home security. Video doorbells are becoming more popular, giving people the option to see who’s at the door before answering, and even being able to check if you’re not actually at home.

Other gadgets that will no doubt emerge in 2018 is improved technology for existing devices like security cameras, with corresponding mobile apps and options for backing up to the cloud and accessing past footage.

Wearable gadgets

Wearable gadgets have been around for some time; the likes of FitBIts and pedometers have been adopted by customers all over the world. 2018 will see advanced options that go beyond the current offering.

Pollution trackers, like one released by Plume Labs, will allow you to track the quality of the air around you. Particularly useful for those living in polluted cities, you can clip to your bag or bike and simply find the touch button to find out the pollution status of the last 12 hours.

Breathalyser wristbands have also been spotted in time for 2018, allowing you to check your blood alcohol content. They work by detecting chemicals through perspiration on your skin and can make sure you avoid drinking too much or even drink driving.

Even your fitness trackers will receive an upgrade for 2018. We’re used to seeing wristbands that can help us to keep on top of our routine, but now fitness tracking is getting cleverer. Look out for the likes of fitness tracking rings, that have all the same capability in a much smaller and smarter package.