If you are a shop manufacturer, the tools that you make use of are vital aspects of any business out there. Are the tools working hard enough for your business? If you are not making use of the right materials for cutting, grinding, and shaping the products, then you are not maximizing the overall potential. 

Most manufacturers out there are known to make use of HSS or High-Speed Steel cutting tools for most of the work. However, the given material in the modern era is regarded as outdated. In this post, we will help you unravel some of the reasons to make use of the advanced carbide cutting tools for most of the work. 

What is a Carbide Cutting Tool?

Carbide serves to be a binary carbon-based compound that gets mixed with some other element. For cutting tools, the additional element in most cases is titanium or tungsten (tungsten carbide). Titanium serves to be stronger as well as more reliable. However, in comparison to tungsten, titanium is expensive. 

Top Reasons to Use a Carbine Cutting Tool

Carbide is a leading form of industrial steel that is applied to bits, blades, and other tools for cutting hardwood and other materials. Some of the reasons why carbide cutting tools are high on demand amongst the manufacturers are:

  • Cost-effective: In the beginning, the overall costs of switching to the given tools might appear unnecessary and expensive. However, on a long-term basis, you can look forward to saving significantly. As such, these turn out to be major investments. The best investments can be achieved when you source these top-class cutting tools from reliable providers like Ceratizit Cuttingtools

However, why are carbide cutting tools more functional than HSS? It is all because of the general wear & tear and heat factors. Carbide (either tungsten or titanium) is known to be better at dissipating heat in comparison to steel. Therefore, when you are making use of carbide cutting tools, there is no requirement of waiting for the machinery to cool down. Moreover, dissipation of heat effectively also allows that materials to be stronger for long by not changing the structure of the material.

  • Ease of Replacement: It is relatively easier to replace the tips of cutting tools instead of buying a whole new tool. With the help of a tipping model, all you are required to do is to grind the old carbide while renewing the same with a new layer. 

  • Cleaner Finishes & Cuts: The edges of the carbide cutting tools are known to last longer. Unlike steel that is known to wear down quite easily, carbide is not known to break down or become dull after a while. Due to the presence of a sharper edge, you can easily achieve a neater and cleaner finish. Whether it is about cutting metal or hardwood, when you have cleaner results, it will help you in saving both time as well as money.

Ensure the best-ever industrial cutting process with the help of the right carbide cutting tools.