Microsoft SQL server is a software product developed by the engineers at Microsoft and it can be defined as a relational database management system. With a primary function to store and receive data from a wide range of software applications, the SQL servers developed by this company are also targeted at different categories of users. Obviously, SQL is available in a variety of editions, ranging from the Enterprise edition to the Standard edition, web edition and express edition, business intelligence edition and workgroup edition. But with all the recent developments by Microsoft, is it better to upgrade to the SQL Server 2017 or stick to your current edition? Experts say that it is, due to the reasons below.

New Engine Features

Most of the developments that were brought to SQL 2017 are trying to improve the way the application runs on various Linux distributions. However, there are still available a range of new engine features on this version. Out of those, the automatic plan correction helps with automatic detection and correction of many query plan stability concerns. The feature was integrated with the 2016 version, and it still runs similarly, so if your company’s main concern is similar, you can also try the SQL server 2016 standard pricing option.

Another interesting feature offered by the 2017 version is the AQP function, or the Adaptive Query Processing function. It has an increased success in dealing with batch mode operations, and it has three main components: The Batch Mode Adaptive Memory Grant Feedback, the Interleaved Execution for Multi-Statement Table Value Functions or the Batch Mode Adaptive Joins. Troubleshooting and diagnostic are also made easy with the 2017 version, making everybody’s life easier. Compared with the 2016 version, the 2017 version is a more fluent one when it comes to query store attributes.

Replication Enhancements

The new version makes available an increased protection of the remote distribution database in availability groups, which makes replication features significantly easier than previously before.


Microsoft aims to offer support for SQL 2017 for longer than it previously did, by 15 months more. After that, there will not be available any more updates, not even security updates.

SQL Server with Internet Server Use Made Easy

On Internet Servers, the regular demand is to install the SQL Server Client Tools. These tools include the client connectivity elements typically used by an application connecting to the SQL server.

SQL Server on computers

Clients can also install the SQL server client tools directly on their computers that run client or server applications. If you plan to develop SQL Server applications, this is an incredible solution that will offer you more flexibility and productivity, through some of the incredible advantages offered: software development kits, management tools, connectivity components, SQL Server Data Tools and so on.

These are some of the main reasons for which you should consider upgrading your SQL server from 2016 to the 2017 version. This new version promises to offer increased flexibility and a plethora of new useful tools.