With the amount of funding over USD 3 billion, the education technology industry has become quite competitive. In fact, not every student who comes up with an educational app or another solution (like the system where you can pay people to do your homework) can succeed on the market. Not all edtech startups, even promising ones, manage to survive, and it doesn`t matter how innovative their idea is if it doesn`t fit the market need or raised no funding. However, there are those who received the support and keep working on their solutions. In this article, we will describe the top five most innovative education startup ideas that did work out and should be watched on.

Top Challenges Edtech Startups Face

There are many great edtech ideas that make college life so much easier. For example, you can find platforms that offer accounting homework help, mobile apps for editing on the go, different time management instruments, and other solutions. From content management platforms to games-based apps, this sector is blooming with tools designed to help young people cope with their assignments and get engaged in learning. It makes edtech startups more popular in this era of digitalization.  

Even though everything looks great and fun, the edtech industry still has to face some big challenges. Edtech startup founders need to:

  • Clearly understand how the education system works;
  • Be in permanent touch with students and teachers and develop with them;
  • Receive critical inputs and transparency from teachers;
  • Have proper UI and UX so that end-users could understand the system.

Many startups lack at least two of these points. However, there are still startups that managed to overcome these difficulties and provided decent products to be used in college. We can mention here such projects, as:

1. Outschool

This is the US startup that provides online classes in live for students under 18. The subjects vary from Math to music and languages and are hosted in small groups. Despite many other online resources that use videos to teach complex subjects, here students receive real-time interaction so they can learn to have fun. The number of startup users has been experiencing regular increases with growing demand in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Now it is focused on helping to connect teachers and students and make these lessons interesting. Tutors set the price while the platform charges a 30% commission. The company has already raised $13 million of funding at the early stage, and over 140K of students have already spent more than half a million live class hours at the platform.

2. Teacherly

This solution was founded by a teacher and created, namely, to make teaching more collaborative. As the planning of lessons always takes lots of time (especially from scratch), this tool becomes quite valuable. On the website, you can use already provided templates or create your own one, add objectives, skills, quizzes, fill in extracurricular activities, and then share the lesson with your students. This startup has already received one million dollars from different investors;

3. Studytracks

Based on multiple research results that students learn better when listening to music, one teacher from California has created a mobile app that provides learning of different academic disciplines via listening to songs. The app has over 1500 songs to choose from that help retaining information better. The startup has become so successful that it has already raised one million euro in funding;

4. Brainly

Probably, one of the key benefits that technologies provide is not feeling the geographical distance. This startup was founded in Poland and created a global learning community for tutors, students, and educators to cooperate on solving complex homework assignments. Using this app, you can find answers to Math tasks, History questions, Biology, English, and other disciplines. The platform has a system based on points where you can get points for answering questions and spend them on requesting the answers. The company has received over $68 million, and it keeps getting bigger;

5. Kahoot

This startup comes from Norway and has already become popular in schools worldwide. It is based on the collaboration of the startup owner with the University of Science and Technology and represents a great learning environment with games and different quizzes on various educational topics and disciplines. In the app, teachers can create fun games within a few minutes or choose one from millions of already existing options. Thus, they can introduce the topic in a funny way, review and monitor the level of knowledge, and provide regular assessments. The startup has already raised over $85 million in investments from such famous companies as Disney and Datum Group.