Playing computer games is cool and something that more and more people are getting into. As popular titles like the FIFA football franchise, Fortnite and the now-resurging Minecraft continue to sell millions, long gone are the days of niche interest. This has seen the video game sector in rude health of late and generate $43 billion in the U.S in 2018 – matching the film industry. 

This kind of popularity is being seen across gaming in general and online gaming certainly has played its part. Perhaps the most obvious example is playing online casino games which is starting to be made legal in many US states now. The best online casinos in New Jersey have features including live dealer table games which allows you to play against a real dealer for an authentic feel. Along with attractive promotions, a huge choice of games and total convenience it shows just why this way of playing games online has become so popular in the US and globally. 

Online play has had a similarly big impact in video gaming too. It has allowed players to have more fun by enjoying games with other human players via the internet, rather than merely playing the computer via their PC as before. Online play allows for a more social experience that is not limited by geography or having existing friends in place to games with. 

Peer to Peer gaming has really taken off in this regard. In simple terms, it allows you to create your own network to play games on with only people you allow to connect to it. This gives you the experience of playing with other people online but in a less public way to avoid anyone who annoys you. 

If you are thinking of setting up your own P2P network for gaming, a virtual LAN network is a good option. Here are a few of the best platforms to think about using to do this. 

LogMeIn Hamachi 

This piece of software for online gaming is perhaps the most popular for P2P gamers use to set up a virtual LAN network on. It makes it simple to play your favorite games with friends online through the LAN connection of your PC’s. Most people love this software for the intuitive interface it boasts and how easy it makes setting up a P2P gaming network on. With many powerful features included, it gives you total control to set up your virtual LAN network to game on. Totally secure, it can be managed wherever you are in the world. Just note that you can only use this for free when your P2P network only includes 5 computers.


If you fancy trying out an alternative to Hamachi when establishing a P2P gaming network, this software is worth a thought. As with Hamachi, it makes it simple to set up a virtual LAN network to play P2P games on with friends. An open-source piece of software, it has free apps for iOS and Android phones too. Bringing together VPN, SDN and SD-WAN network capabilities under one roof, it is easy to manage. Delivering great speeds, it makes enjoying your favorite games online with friends a breeze. The Free Account supports up to 100 computers in your P2P network and even has community support. 


Another back-end software choice for setting up your P2P network is this one. GameRanger lets you play up to 700 online demos and games with friends or other online opponents. This software stands out for having some cool features including instant messaging. There is nothing like sending someone else on your network a quick message after roasting them! In addition, this platform offers player profiles, voice communication and the chance to create friend lists. This software is also very stable and has very robust security measures which makes it popular with many.

Radmin VPN

To create a virtual private network to play P2P games on, this software choice is a good move. The biggest feature it offers is the chance to play an unlimited amount of games. The 100 Mbps speed of this VPN is also superb and almost feels like you are playing across your local LAN network. The VPN tunnel is also very secure and will stop any unwanted guests intruding. Radmin is also great for newbies to hosting P2P game networks as it is very easy to use and understand.

Get the right software for P2P gaming

When it comes to Peer to Peer gaming, much of the attention goes to the hardware people use. While getting the right computer, mouse and assorted kit is important, you should not neglect the software used to host the P2P network. If you need some tips on the best to use when setting a virtual LAN network up, hopefully the above should help.