We know you are waiting to discover some cool news about the 2018 Google I/O Conference! And we here to save you – just read our article to catch the most interesting details.

Progress never stands still, and technology develops at an enormous speed. Here are some top news from the 2018 Google I/O Conference:

  • Google Assistant is about to get a “continued conversation” update

This means that you won’t have to say something like “Okay, Google!” every time you want to look for something on the Internet. No, you will get the possibility to say this command only once, and that’s it. This will be like having a conversation with your friend, with follow-up questions.

  • Google Assistant will be able to take over some of your duties

Okay, not really duties – it won’t be able to wash dishes for you, but it will be able to make phone calls on your behalf. During the conference, Google Assistant called the hairdressing salon, and the person talking to it suspected nothing! Google Assistant behaved and spoke like a real person. That was a really amazing demonstration! Just imagine, at some point in the nearest future, you will be able to entrust Google Assistant with small, but important tasks.

  • Google Assistant is about to join Google Maps

This update should be introduced this summer, and it means that you will be able to get better recommendations for local places. Maps will become more personalized. Apart from this, Google Lens will be able to identify text, not only buildings and things like that. To do this, you will simply have to point your camera at the object. The augmented reality is on the rise, and it is gradually invading our lives, just like virtual reality. Maps, meeting with friends, medicine… Games are the most obvious and widespread scope of AR and VR applications. Even some online casinos offer virtual reality experiences! We guess, if one day this will become a global trend, the guys from holymolycasinos.com will be really impressed.

  • Google Photos will get more AI-powered features

At the moment, Google Photos already have plenty of cool tools for editing pictures. AI-powered features are also on the list, but there will be even more of them! An updated version of Google Photos will be able to suggest quick fixes – for instance, brightness corrections.

  • Google News will get an AI redesign

The AI-powered application will be equipped with such features as “full coverage” and “newscasts”, which will allow you to stay on top of news you are interested in and completely delve into the story. This update is supposed to be even better than the news feed of Facebook. Well, that’s possible, as currently Facebook is facing a crisis of sorts – many users found out that their personal data got into the hands of a research company and they feel it to be a huge breach of trust.

  • Google Assistant is coming to Smart Display

Yes, again, Google Assistant. It was a pretty hot topic! So, Google Assistant, accompanied by YouTube, will power Google’s first Smart Displays. The launch is supposed to happen in July, which is very soon. We know, it is rather hard to impress you with a smart device living somewhere in your house and answering your endless questions, but Google is going to lead these devices to a new stage. Apart from a voice interface, they want to provide you with some kind of a display which will allow you to perform actions which can’t be done with the help of your voice.

The 2018 Google I/O Conference provided us with plenty of interesting news, and we are sure that you are looking forward to the implementation of all those interesting and cool features. Obviously, it is still possible that AI will conquer the world at some point, but we hope that you have seen enough movies about the rise of the machines to know what to do. But since this future is not here yet, let’s simply enjoy the new technologies.