Once upon a time, having gameplay sessions with loved ones meant inviting them over and squeezing on a sofa. But now, in today’s digital era, multiplayer gaming is conveniently done online. So, you can connect with friends, family, and strangers from across the globe right from the comfort of your home. However, with countless games that have littered the market, including Eye of Horus free play and real money version, taking your pick can have you engulfed in a wave of confusion. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place as we explore the best web-based games you can count on to keep you entertained for hours on end. 

Tetris 99 

It’s one of the most frantic multiplayer games in recent years that stir tension with a mind-blowing concept. It revolves around Tetris Battle Royale. And, every 2 lines you clear are sent to any of your 99 rivals sporadically, to those knocking on the door of death, players closest to victory, or those attacking you. It’s a unique take on a game that initially debuted almost 4 decades ago. Tetris 99 is entirely free if you purchase a Nintendo Online pass.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

It’s a hyper-lethal and quick display of contemporary military activities. As an acronym for CS: GO, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive entails being swift on the draw and thinking on your feet. Teamwork coupled with tactics will get you far in this entertaining game as you embark on the adventure of getting rid of your competitors and engage in more objective-focused modes, for instance, disarming explosives. 

Overcooked 2 

How much do you value your family and friends? That’s an essential question you need to ponder on before firing up Overcooked 2. It’s a source of entertainment that will push the limits of your camaraderie. You and other participants take on the role of a chef in a few of the least plausible kitchens that were concocted. Are you feeling confident enough to cook on an iceberg? What about as you race down a highway? You’ll need to be accurate, well-coordinated with your teammates, and work fast to guarantee customer satisfaction. So, try to stay afloat and not crumble under the pressure. 

Diablo 3 

Despite being an 8-year-old game, Diablo 3 has flashy and crunchy combat that exudes unmatched responsiveness. It’s entertaining in single-player mode but playing in a party of Internet adventures with complementary skills certainly steps things up by a few notches. Each player is graced with loot drops which means you don’t need to battle over epic items. However, you can share everything you collect with your friends. Thus, this adds a layer of simplicity when it comes to building up screen-wiping builds. The game’s 7 classes provide entirely new mechanics to grasp, and playing through the campaign with each of them makes it worthwhile. But, ensure you bump up the challenge from what you’d use alone because you and your teammates will soon tear through demons at an eerie pace. 

Portal 2 

While its predecessor was a bite-sized puzzle game, Puzzle 2 is the full, palatable meal. In Internet cooperation, you and a friend get to solve mind-boggling puzzles via portals while giggling along to narration from the eternal Portal frenemy called Glados. Having 4 portals between you indicates that Valve had to add a twist to the challenges to spice things up. So, you’ll need to rack your brains and coordinate the timings as you leap off edges, bounce off vibrantly-colored gel strips, and hit switches. Portal 2 is divided into themed areas and each flips the formula in an exhilarating way.

Hunt (Showdown) 

It can be an uphill battle to make horror when at least 2 participants are experiencing the scares. However, the game thrives at it. You and a teammate embark on an adventure across a map that’s large enough to get lost in while hunting otherworldly horrors such as eldritch demons as 4 other duos do the same. There’s the likelihood that these folks won’t interest these folks. So, along with the creatures and creeps you encounter, you need to keep your eyes peeled for other humans. Tension is running high courtesy of a Permadeath system. Moreover, setting Hunt (Showdown) in the 19th century implies particularly clunky yet stressful gunplay. 

To Sum It Up 

And there you have it; 6 sources of entertainment on the Internet that will keep you inseparable from your screen. These are just a handful of the barrage of Internet games you can try out. It all boils down to whatever floats your boat. After all, the world is your oyster!