As one of the top team management software projects out there, Figma has dominated the landscape for managing group projects and ideas. If you’re finding that you are currently swamped trying to manage a team and struggling with not enough time for yourself, this guide is for you! Time management is a huge issue for many people and assisting them with important tips that alleviate their worries is a massive improvement for their lives and their professional careers. It doesn’t matter what you are working on, whether it’s a tough calculus assignment or if you need help with step-by-step algebra homework, Figma can help you and these tips can help you with Figma!


Many projects will have you creating the same or similar elements over and over again. This means that the “Duplicate” function is one of the most important commands to remember. With CMD D, Figma will automatically duplicate the previous function used, giving you the opportunity to rapidly accomplish tasks. 

Creating a Progress Ring

Progress rings are crucial to seeing how fast a project is coming along. With simple steps, you can create progress rings that immediately illustrate to your team what needs to be done and just how far along some content is.

  1. Start by drawing a simple circle by pressing L on the keyboard.
  2. Grab the arc lever and drag it to the desired angle.
  3. By holding shift, you can adjust in unified angles.
  4. You can then move the ratio lever to adjust the thickness of the ring.
  5. When you have finalized the desired arc, press CMD C + CMD V to finish the circle.
  6. Choose the colors you like best. 

Content Reels and Unsplash

Content reels are a fantastic addition to the Figma architecture that allows you to regain massive amounts of time when you feel like there’s not enough time for yourself. This plugin allows you to organize things like contacts, addresses, places, and various other lists easily in a way that massively increases production times.

 Go to Plugins and select Content Reel.

  1. Modify the placeholder text to what you need for your group.
  2. Modify as many cells as you need in order to optimize your team.
  3. Finalize and import them into your final project to maximize efficiency. 

Dragging Outside Frames

Modifying frames and workspaces is a key component of the Figma experience. One of the aspects of mastering this that is crucial to understand is how exactly to drag and organize certain elements outside of the frame so that you can utilize them in a way that best serves your immediate needs.

 Holding spacebar while dragging an object will allow you to keep that object inside the container it is currently in while you move it where you need to. Turning off the “clip contents” option will also allow you to see it while it’s outside of the current container. Pressing CMD Y will reveal all the outlines for the project, allowing you to see any hidden elements.

Locking/Unlocking Objects

The CMD/command is a very potent command that will greatly facilitate your mastery with Figma. This simple command has a variety of useful actions that make working across projects a snap – all of which focus around locking and unlocking objects. By doing so, you will prevent yourself from making any unwanted mistakes or be better able to cull elements you no longer wish inside your project.

Line Height

Sometimes text and other elements can come through a bit warped and misshapen. If your line-height looks incorrect and you aren’t sure what specific value to put into the text box, try simply typing in “auto” into the line-height field in order to automatically readjust the text!

Organizing Grids

Team projects will utilize a variety of grid-based graphics all the time, so understanding their function is crucial to having a successful assignment. Try cleaning up the grids in your project by clicking the “grid” icon in the corner after selecting multiple arrayed objects. In doing so, you will be able to adjust spacing and the elements inside the grid themselves in any way you desire in order to conform to your expectations.

Properly Using the Scale Tool

Scaling up or down images, elements, or objects is something that you will be doing a lot of the time with Figma. The problem with this process, unfortunately, is that these objects will often see distortions when you perform this function. In order to scale properly with no distortions, you should simply press the K key as you select the object which will allow you to make pixel-perfect adjustments to the object in question. Scaling this way will always keep things equal!

Importing Images

Many projects will require a variety of images to be used in order to make the presentation look as professional as possible. The command CMD+SHIFT+K will allow you to place images inside frames or shapes instantly without any kind of image distortion or scaling issues. Within moments this command will easily allow you to make slideshows, collages, and other useful graphics!

The Magic Spacebar

Spacebar in Figma allows the operator to do many useful commands. For instance, by making a selection area with the mouse and then holding space bar, you can increase the size of the selection area of your pointer without having to re-create the original selection. In addition, holding spacebar while creating a shape (like a circle) will allow you to move the shape as you modify it. Finally, spacebar will also allow you to override Figma’s natural code to automatically nest objects inside frames or layouts. Pressing spacebar allows you to place them wherever you wish!

Eyedrop Previews

Colors are a fundamental way to add flair and importance to your presentation, so being able to choose the correct one is crucial to a successful project. After selecting the eyedropper tool, mapped natively to the ‘I’ button, you can simply hold down the mouse button instead of clicking to preview the available colors before you apply them to a given object.

 Figma Can Greatly Assist Your Team

Figma is an extremely powerful program that can drastically optimize the efficiency of your group project and your team as a whole. There are many tips and reasons, why you should consider using the program and getting the best time management skills available, is massively important. Teams all the world over use Figma to get massive success and you can too!