Have you wanted to up your gaming experience by purchasing a gaming chair? In the search for a suitable gaming chair, you will notice there are a variety of chairs to choose from, varying in costs, features and functionality. Manufacturers from different brands strive to give the best services to gamers by coming up with unique features to enjoy in gaming chairs.

Merax is a vivid example of the brands that offer fantastic gaming chairs useful for offices, computer desks, and in this case gaming. The Merax brand spots a range of comfy, sturdy and relatively inexpensive gaming chairs, and here are the top five you must consider:

Merax Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair

The Executive swivel chair model is designed with an expert gamer in mind. This seat has solid lumbar support for the backrest due to the soft cushioning, which is also accompanied by padded armrests and thickly padded footrest.

High-quality PU leather that is soft to the skin, not to mention durable and fades resistant, covers the sturdy frame of the Executive swivel chair model, giving you a luxurious experience. The chair comes in six different colours. It has a 180-degree recline angle with a locking system, so you can comfortably adjust to the perfect level of comfort, say, for a nap.

Merax Ergonomic Racing Chair

The Ergonomic Racing chair features an ergonomic style that is fully adjustable for height, coupled with a recline angle of 180 degrees. This stylish gaming chair has a quality PU leather cover that is easy to clean and resistant to soaking in sweat and oil from the body.

For comfort, the Ergonomic Racing chair has a padded headrest for head and neck support and a retractable footrest. This chair also has an adjustable armrest for customised direction and angle to offer needed support on the wrists.

All these comfort heightening features, together with the 180-degree recline, make this chair a suitable napping seat in between gaming sessions. Further, this chair comes with extra lumbar cushions for additional support.

Merax High-back Ergonomic PU Leather Office Chair

The Merax High-back ergonomic office chair can comfortably serve as a napping chair, office chair, computer desk and a gaming chair.

The High-back ergonomic office chair has a plush of cushions that emphasize the ergonomic style, giving you maximum comfort. The chair comes with well-padded headrest and lumbar pillows for added coziness. As to matters adjustability, this chair has a pneumatic gas lift and tilt, which makes it possible to adjust for height.

The High-back ergonomic office chair has a PU Leather cover combined with a mesh upholstery, which is breathable for air circulation, and is a perfect combination of covering that is easy to clean. This model comes in four different colours, that is, blue, red, purple and yellow.

Merax Fantasy Series Racing Chair

Gaming experts on ultimategamechair.com site show a liking for gaming chairs that can guarantee comfort through long hours of gaming, which is what makes the Fantasy Series worth the mention. This chair has a sleek design that would complement any gaming room. It comes in seven different colours, including, elegant silver, feminine pink, red, among others.

The sleek design of this chair is covered with PU Leather that is hassle-free to clean. The Fantasy series has a recline angle of 180 degrees with a locking system. The chair can adjust for height and direction, which makes it comfortable for long hours of gaming. The five-wheeled casters glide smoothly for convenient maneuverability.

Merax Stylish Devil’s Eye Series High-Back Gaming Chair

Rhe Stylish Devil’s Eye series is a gaming chair covered with high-quality PU leather and mesh material, a combination that is easy to clean is durable and breathable. This chair has a streamlined design that is designed with a lot of padding located in common pressure points of the body, like lumbar region and headrest, to alleviate fatigue and discomfort, which makes it suitable for prolonged gaming sessions.

The Devil’s Eye chair has very comfortable armrests that are well cushioned, although not adjustable. Like most gaming chairs, this seat can recline and adjust for height. It comes in eight different colours, making it suitable for gamers that are into flashy colours.

Merax Gaming chairs have come a long way as a brand to offer the best value to gamers. While these great chairs vary in price, consider the detailed features that will give you a fantastic experience when playing.