The Microsoft 70-473 examination is one of the two Azure certification exams that are required to earn the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA: Cloud Platform). The certification test is known as Designing & Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions. From this course, candidates will be tested to evaluate their expertise in the Cloud Platform. When preparing for the 70-473 exam, there are different resources that you will come across.

Many of the resources will be very relevant for your success, while some others are just nice to have. It is therefore important that you review the exam objectives before you invest in any resource materials. This will help you to decide on the materials to invest in and the ones that you can nicely ignore. In this article, we share some resources, paid and free, that will be of great help to you in your exam preparation. These resources include video training, and books.

When it comes to searching for resources, you have to be very careful about the kind of materials you search for. Many candidates are looking for quick-fix ways to get their certification and most times they settle for braindumps. Exam dumps might seem like a good idea in the beginning because you can cram questions and answers that you assume will come out during the actual test. However, just as it is mentioned, it is an assumption that the question will come out; but what if it doesn’t?

MS 70-473 Exam

Microsoft have been in the business of providing certifications to professionals for decades and over the years, they have built up data base of questions from where they generate questions for the certification exams. So, what is the probability that the questions and answers you have crammed will be asked during your own examination? The probability is very low! So, why should waste your time cramming other people’s supposed answers to questions, when you can sit down and study for your exam? One of the major benefits of studying appropriately for your certification test is that it gives you the opportunity increase your knowledge base. You are able to understand professional ideas that you naturally would not have access to if you are using braindumps.

Having said that, let us go through some of the resource materials that will help you in your preparation. As mentioned earlier, before you go ahead to search for resource materials for your test, it is highly recommended that you study the exam objectives first. This will guide you in the kind of resource materials to look for and the ones to focus your study on. In addition to this, you should also review the study guide. This will go a long way in guiding you throughout the 70-473 exam preparation.

Top Resources for Microsoft 70-473 Exam: Books

Pro SQL Server: Microsoft Azure:This resource books helps you explore the rudiments of Microsoft Azure and know how Azure SQL Database (Platform as a Service) and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines (Infrastructure as a Service) work. The book is precise and it shows how to operate, deploy, and maintain data by using one or a set of combinations of Microsoft offerings, alongside a specific on premise setting.

MS exam

Top Resources for Microsoft 70-473 Exam: Videos

Using video training resources for your exam preparation is highly recommended because it gives you audio-visual benefits of learning. There are many online platforms that offer video training courses for the Microsoft 70-473 exam questions. There are both free and paid subscription platforms. The Microsoft Virtual Academy and Channel9 are two of the top platforms that offer video training resources on this Microsoft test for free. So, if you want to start your preparation without making any financial investment first, you should start with them. Pluralsight is another top resource platform that offers the training courses on the 70-473 exam. But this video platform is a paid one but you can get a 10-day free trial on the website to determine if subscribing for videos on the site is worth it or not. During your 10-day free trial, you can watch all course videos for free. Below are details of video trainings you can get for paid and free version.

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database: SQL Server DBA

Microsoft SQL Database is a Service offering. This course allows you to build on your existing knowledge on SQL Server. You will also be able to learn about high availability, managing, and performance of Cloud Solutions. The free version of the video training can also be accessed on Pluralsight.

  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse

The Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse is also a Service offering. The course explores the distinct differences between the service offering and SQL Server, migrating and loading data, basic monitoring and scaling. It also explores the process involved in designing database for the service.

  • SQL Azure

The Microsoft SQL Azure is RDBMS for cloud. The course reveals the process of using SQL Azure for different applications that reside in your data center, department, and cloud.

  • Microsoft 70-473 Cert Exam Prep

The Cloud Data Platform Solutions Certification Exam Prep is one of the essential resource materials you should have during your study. This session is designed for individuals with Cloud Data Platforms experience who want to take the Microsoft 70-473 exam. Participants of the session will be able to review the different topics covered in the exam objectives in a quick-paced format. They will also be able to access valuable techniques on test taking. At the end of the training session, participants will know how the certification works and what the important topics covered in the exam are. They will also be able to review extensive resources that will help them wrap up their examination preparation.


Using the right resource materials for your certification exam will help in guiding your preparation. You do not need to read and study every book written on Microsoft Azure. You only need to access the relevant ones. The resources materials mentioned above will definitely help you in your certification exam study.