Betting apps have something special to offer when it comes to interesting Android games we often see! The most important point is that you can really get your hands on the game. Now that betting apps have started using better graphics, AR, VR and other features, the experience gets even better. In this article, we’ve made a list of the top betting apps for Android. If you really love betting and want some on-the-go gaming options, you can consider this list. We have tried to ensure diversity among the recommended apps, so that everyone finds a suitable app from here.

#1 Betfair

Betfair is definitely one of the best betting apps you can find for Android. Don’t try to judge the app by the primary looks, though. However, what makes Betfair so popular among enthusiasts is the availability of free bets and other promotions. In fact, the betting experience gets better on a big-screen mobile phone, as you can feel the dynamics of it. Using the promotional offer, you can get up to £100 free bet, which is great for beginners. The apps are available for both Android and iOS, just so you know. It supports various payments too.

#2 Bet365

Bet365 is another great option for Android when you are looking for the top betting apps. For one, Bet365 offers a wonderful bunch of promotions, including a deposit bonus of $100. For someone who is new into a domain of betting, this is going to be a blessing. However, what really matters is that Bet365 has integrated some awesome features like live streaming and live-in play betting options rather than standard ones. It, of course, enhances the betting process and you can enjoy a better experience at the end of the day. Last but not least, Bet365 is compatible with a wide variety of games.

#3 Ladbrokes

If you care about the design value and usability of the betting app, you should consider Ladbrokes, which is one of the most well-designed apps in the list. Because of this, the overall gameplay is not only impressive but also offers the perfect rendering. In-play betting and live play streaming are some of the features you’d find in the app, along with the easier process of betting and cashing out. The intuitive UI is one of the many reasons why Ladbrokes is recommended for newbies out there. Even for those who are looking for different betting experience, Ladbrokes for Android should make sense.

#4 Paddy Power

If you don’t care for a lot of extra features and ultra-tech stuff, you should consider Paddy Power for Android. The app lets you bet on a wider variety of games out there, making every experience unique. You can count in the simple UI, which anyone can get used to in no time. If you were looking for promotions too, the app won’t let you down. As said earlier, you are going to miss the fancy features like live streaming and all. That having said, if you’d like to keep betting as the play progresses, thus ensuring a chance, you should consider installing Paddy Power.

#5 BetVictor

BetVictor attracts users with the same thing that we’ve seen in other apps — promotions. If you are looking for a wide variety of promotional material and savings, you should consider going for this betting app. While the intuitive interface is a strong reason, what really matters is the smoothness of gameplay. You are going to love playing any kind of betting in the app. It’s more of the standard betting app you have seen, with the obviously extra features such as great experience and wonderful odds. So, if you don’t want surprises, go for this app.

What do you think about these top betting apps for Android? Share your favorites with us!