We live in a time where we constantly see new innovations in the tech world, new gadgets that make life a lot easier and more interesting, new ways of solving annoying problems with technology, and so many more exciting new ideas.

2020 is no different and it’s a year in which tons of new gadgets surfaced and are taking over quite rapidly. You are going to see a few of them in this article and discover some amazing tools that made the first half of this year more exciting, ones that are definitely going to offer a lot of fun activities, cool features, and amazing ways of solving certain problems.

Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager

Ever since 2020 started, most of what we can remember was from when we were in lockdown and were rarely allowed to escape from our homes due to the coronavirus situation. You can see how a gadget such as this powerful cordless massage gun would become very popular.

This is quite the power tool when it comes to relaxing those sore muscles and you can probably see yourself getting addicted to it quite easily like many before you. It uses a 60-Watt motor which is more than enough to provide efficient massages and a lot of relaxing hours.

Larq Movement Water Bottle

Have you ever started using any old normal bottle for drinking water and realized that, after a while of drinking from it, it starts to stink and feel a bit disgusting? Many have and this is one high-tech water bottle that will never let you experience that ever again.

 It’s among the top tech gadgets out there this year since this bottle is equipped with all sorts of cool features. The UV lights that are integrated regularly sanitize the inside of the bottle to insure health and cleanliness. Now, this one won’t keep your drinks cold or heat them up but you don’t really need that from a bottle for drinking only water. It’s the perfect tech gadget to assure you stay healthy, keep your water clean, and never taste the awful metal water taste and smell the stink that gathers after drinking from a plastic one for a while.

Era Pro

The whole lockdown situation managed to bring a lot of stress to everyone. Luckily, someone always thinks of something to make things better which is exactly what Pax did. They created the Pax Era Pro, the smartest vape you will ever find. 

This extremely elegant-looking device comes in really handy thanks to its amazing features. It has a display for showing you the amount of chemicals you are taking in, it remembers your preferred dosage so that no unwanted health issues may arise, and so much more. It’s the perfect tool to relieve stress while still looking cool, making sure you stay healthy, and taking advantage of the cool gadgets that 2020 managed to bring to you so far.

ShiftCam Multilens iPhone 11 case

Ever since Apple’s iPhone 11 was released in late 2019, there have been tons of cool tech gadgets related to the phone just popping out from everywhere. This is a case that is going to allow a phone that has one of the greatest cameras in the world to have an even better one.

There are a few great features that this unique product adds to your phone. The 4 lenses that come with it slide on top of the phone’s cameras and provide a 10x and 20x macro lens feature, a 180-degree fisheye lens feature, and it also comes with polarizers to help remove unwanted reflections and glare. Now, this is something that is hard to resist if you really love taking cool photos.

Sandisk iXpand Wireless Charger

When it comes to charging our phones, we all want this process to be fast, easy, and worry free. Now, we all know the hassle of putting the charging bit into the phone, taking it out, losing your charger, using both hands to place the charger in, and all that. Wireless charging gadgets are amazing as they make this entire process 10 times faster, easier, and hassle free.

However, this is not your average wireless charger, it has a few great hidden features that will make you fall in love with it. It is a 10W charger which is fast enough for most qi-enabled tech devices. It has excellent SSD storage integrated inside which allows automatic back up of your photos and videos which is a very amazing feature. There are a few options for how much storage you prefer, but overall, you can’t say that it won’t come in handy given all of the wonderful features it has. It lacks touch control like some do but you don’t really need that many buttons on this type of tool. Simply place the phone on top and you’re good to go.

Dyson Heuristic 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic robot vacuums are becoming more and more popular as people are getting tired of doing the work themselves when there is a better alternative. This year has gotten amazing at creating some of the best robot vacuums ever.

The hardware is not the problem anymore as vacuums work perfectly and are amazing at sucking in all kinds of dirt. The software is what is quite intriguing here, you might even start to feel like you’re living in the Star Wars universe with this one and mistake it for R2-D2. This unique model has 10GB of storage on-board and a quad-core processor which should allow for faster navigation and decision making, and overall better performance in all areas. Its battery has more than enough juice to run a full sweep of the average apartment and home. Simply hit the switch and watch your home clean itself.

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