Each year, the Cupertino-based company sums up a kind of bottom line by selecting the best developers and their applications in various categories. Every developer has a dream to top this list of Apple Store Awards since it is kind of the most significant award for everyone who has worked hard on the applications’ development.

Best iPhone App

In 2021, the app that won the iPhone award unexpectedly became a game for children – Toca Life World. This beautiful application can help develop your child from the very youngest years.

Best iPad App

iPad is the device many people use to play games, including online casino NZ. But they also utilize it for work. Whatever one may say, working with an iPad is much more convenient than using an iPhone. And in 2021, LumaFusion became the best tablet app from Apple. This is professional software for those who are engaged in content creation. The program supports many features that will take your usual tasks to a new level. During the quarantine at the beginning of 2021, the program’s popularity was doubled.

Best Mac App

Mac users 99% of the time utilize their laptops for work tasks. And in 2021, Craft became the best Mac software. This is an application with which you can create and edit documents. It is gorgeous and supports many features and relevant actions that will make working with documents even more comfortable.

Best Apple Watch App

Carrot Weather is voted the best watch app for Apple. This program allows you to view weather reports around the world and has a lot of detailed information, which is truly fantastic.

What about Apple TV?

Dash streaming service was named the best app for Apple TV. It is an actual multimedia harvester that allows you to consume entertaining content in a very convenient way. And it offers fairly adequate prices for everyone, as well as a free trial period. If you’ve never heard of this streaming service before, then it’s time to fix it. After all, it was recognized as the best in the opinion of Apple itself.

Apple Store Awards: Games Edition

In 2021, there were also many cool gaming solutions that are definitely worthy of your attention. However, if we talk about the best, then according to Apple, the coolest iPhone game in 2021 is League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is the mobile version of the legendary League of Legends game. In the mobile version, practically nothing was cut out, and you can get all the same emotions as users of the PC versions.

For the iPad, this is Marvel: Future Revolution, which is another masterpiece transferred to mobile platforms from Marvel. This game is worth your attention, at least from visual sensations’ perspective. For Mac, the game Myst appeared on the top.

But most attention was paid to Apple Arcade. It’s Apple’s service where it offers the best gaming solutions for a subscription. And in this category, the most beautiful and cool game in 2021 was Fantasian.

Future Trends of Apple

The games and apps that saw the highest growth in 2021 on the App Store are Among Us, Bumble, Canva, EatOkra, and Peanut. Each of them has gathered a massive community of users around them. If you haven’t tried them yet, keep in mind that these programs are definitely worth your attention. And it is possible that in 2022 these applications will take the leading positions in the App Store Rewards.