This current era is driven by technology and this technological advancement has revolutionized every aspect of life. Particularly, great progress has been made in the field of education and now there are numerous innovative gadgets and helpful sites that have made the whole learning process easier and more efficient. One must take advantage of these useful gadgets to have a better educational experience. Whether you are a teacher or a student, a school going kid or a university student, there are multiple options for you to take assistance. To make things more convenient for you, we have come up with the list of best 8 gadgets and websites, through which you can seek help.

Top 4 Educational Gadgets

  • Moleskine Smart Writing Set

This wonderful gadget from the Moleskine Smart Writing system makes the note-taking a fun-filled method. If you are habitual of taking notes withyour hands but also want all your data to be stored in the digital format, it is the most suitable choice. With this writing set, you can write on the notepad provided by using your smartpen. You will see the ink appearing on the page, at the same time, the same content will be saved in the digital form. It simply presents the digital version of your text.

  • Numonics Intelliboard interactive Whiteboard

Remember the dusty old whiteboards that were once used? The time has changed now and we don’t need those conservative means anymore.  For better learning, a new technology is introduced that delivers enhanced image quality and high-resolution experience. It is the simplest smartboard that comes in three sizes including 47 inches, 62 inches,and 77inch. This is compatible with both Windows and MAC. The projector projects the desktop image on the board and with the electronic pen, the teacher can write on the image.  Making use of these i-boards can be very helpful for providing a more effective experience to the students.

  • Iris Scan Book 2

This is a useful tool for every student and proves to be very economical. Using this you can scan any page from books and any document without using your computer. Thus, if you find some valuable points in a book in thelibrary, you can instantly scan that page and transfer the document to your iPad or smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • Live scribe Echo Smart Pen

This is a very helpful and popular educational tool widely used among the students. It has made the note-taking easier and efficient. This smartpen can record everything that you say, write or hear. Additionally, you can play the audio simply by tapping the notes. These recorded notes can easily be sent to themobile device and your computer.

Top for Educational Website

  • Coursera

It has made education easily accessible. Here, free of cost coursesare offered from the top-rated universities. A vast variety of topics are included and the lectures are arranged in a series of 15 minutes clips. Interestingly, students can watchfree videos here at any time they want.

  • Udacity

This one is unique in its approach of providing anenhanced learning experience. Here the students solve very challenging problems and projects under the guidance of world-class instructors. It is different from the other sites as no long and dry video lectures are included. It offers 11 different courses related to Science and Mathematics.

  • TED-ED

Ted does not require any introduction, everyone knows about its top-notch lectures. Now they are also offering incredible educational service. TED-ED is a hub of several interesting and valuable videos that are made more attractive by using high-class animations. Short clips of ten minutes or less are provided. Different topics are included and for your ease, several discussion questions and quizzes are also available.

  • Memrise

It is based on scientific methods and promotes effortless learning for the students. The three main pillars of this remarkable platform include community, science,and fun.  It makes use of smart techniques that allow you to learn the facts and languages in a more fun-filled and excited manner. Choosing it would enhance the learning capabilities of students to manifolds.

I hope you find this article useful. Stay tuned for more.