Since the introduction of Instagram, it has become one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms. Be it individual or private organizations, everyone out there is using this social media sensation according to their requirements. 

With over 800 million active monthly users, Instagram, without a doubt is a great platform that is targeted by marketers. Besides that, there are even third-party tools like GetInsta that are getting more and more popular among Instagram users as it helps them with the expansion of their Instgram account in terms of likes and followers. 

Keeping all this in mind, we are here with the best and most practical tips that are going to help you with your Instagram marketing whether you are trying to start your Instagram account as an influencer or you are interested in the promotion of your business/product. 

Switching To Business Profile

The First step to start with your Instagram marketing is to switch your account to a business account. This is going to open up new possibilities for you as you will be able to access a lot of new and exclusive features with your business account. 

By switching to the business account, you can add your contact information on your account allowing your followers to get in touch with you in a single click. Moreover, switching to a business account will give you access to multiple analytical tools that are going to help you monitor the online activities of your account along with the performance of your posts, which is highly beneficial for your business. 

Free Instagram Tools

Just as we mentioned earlier, there are multiple online tools like insights, GetInsta, etc. that you can use to manage and boost your performance online. With the help of such tools, you get a complete and detailed analysis of your account that can be used to learn more about customer behavior. With this, you will be able to target your audience more precisely and effectively. 

Additionally, all this information is going to save you a lot of time and effort as you won’t have to worry about collecting all these stats for your marketing campaign. 

Posting Product Teasers

For organizations that are using Instagram as a platform for sales generation, they can use their posts to urge their followers to buy more products. Instagram is seen as a great and effective place for advertisement as users have creative freedom and they can post both photos and videos of their products and interact with their followers as well. 

Additionally, business owners can offer exclusive deals and offers for their Instagram followers in order to increase their online traffic as well as the rate of interaction on their online account. Posting teasers and promotional content is a widely popular marketing strategy that is used by Instagram marketers. 

Sponsored Ads

Besides all this, Instagram also offers sponsored posts that can be used by professionals accordingly. With the help of these ads, they can promote and advertise their products to millions of users globally. This is seen as an effective and productive way through which business can capture their target audiences. 

Furthermore, you can choose the content according to your product in order to make your advertisement more effective. Here you can use sharp and quirky images or guide videos that will share all the vital information of your product in a creative and engaging manner. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are also a popular form of advertisement and promotion these days. These are temporary posts that can be used for creative ads and content which is more accessible to the users. As you can add multiple stories, there are endless possibilities of promotion through Instagram stories. 

Instagram Influencers

Another effective and powerful way for the promotion of your product is to get in touch with an Instagram influencer. Just like that, you get to reach millions of people that are following these influencers and trust and follow their recommendations. This way with minimal efforts you get the best results from your investments. 

Listen To Your Followers

Lastly, any business that is trying to establish itself in this space should listen to its followers and pay attention to their feedback in order to grow and develop their products. Additionally, you can also feature or repost something that is posted by your followers and it relevant to your products. 

All this is going to help you establish your brand and increase your credibility among your followers. Here, you can use hashtags to locate all these photos and can also urge your followers to help you with the promotion of your brand. 


With a little smart work, Instagram can become an effective platform for growing businesses and individuals. These tips can help you with your planning as you devise a marketing strategy for your business.