With plenty of personal trainer software and apps available, finding the right one can be a daunting task. As a busy business person, you’re probably looking for an app or software that will help you manage your time, health, fitness or wellness. Here are some of the top personal trainer apps that will keep you well organized.

1) Brewster for Managing Contacts

Brewster app manages all your contacts across multiple accounts and networks. The app automatically sorts and arranges all of your contacts from your Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Foursquare and address book, making it easier for you. It enables you to visualize the people you frequently contact and points out those you don’t.

Additionally, the free app keeps you in the know about important dates. The search feature lets you search for people in your network interested in different opportunities and is quite handy when it comes to marketing of a new service.

2) MoonClerk

MoonClerk app lets you concentrate on doing what you know best without worrying about how you get paid. The personal trainer client software allows you to always get your payments on time, by automatically charging your customer’s credit card recurrently.

It also allows you to charge customer’s card for irregular sessions (like extra training lessons) whenever they sign up. MoonClerk simplifies the whole payment process between you and your clients.

This easy to use app enables you to start working and accept your first payments in five minutes, without ever worrying about security, merchant accounts or hiring a programmer. It takes care of everything, making your work easy.

Moreover, their dashboard can minimize, so you can have a look at who has made payments or who hasn’t. If your client card is not working, MoonClerk handles it by sending automated emails to remind the customers to update their cards.

Payments can be made on your iPad, iPhone, or Android, alternatively, you can embed the whole checkout process on your website or linking it on Facebook for clients to use.

3) TotalCoaching for Personal Training

TotalCoaching enables you to connect with your customers in the best way possible by delivering accountability and programs straight to their devices. TotalCoaching is nice to look at and has an excellent client facing mobile application for both iPhone and Android.

The app comes with everything your customers may require to stay accountable, including private messaging to you, a forum, nutrition log, exercise videos, and a feedback system which allows you to see if they are training too easy or too hard.

It has animated activities which are ideal for training clients face to face from a distance, and the incredibly elaborate list of activities makes up for the slight robotic touch of the animated characters. Additionally, the app is scalable and is easy to know which client needs your attention the most.

4) PockSuite for scheduling appointments and invoice payment

Pocketsuite is an all-in-one app with integrated client scheduling, messaging and payment tools. The app allows you to send professional invoices, schedule client appointments, and charge or collect credit card payments.

It’s mostly utilized by independent and small business persons like photographers, tutors, cleaners, therapists, dog trainers, stylists, handymen and more because its professional, straightforward and affordable to run an efficient business and get paid.

This free to download app allows you to sell packages of services to clients, set up automatic recurring billing, accept class bookings online and send text reminders for appointments.

5) MindBody, Online Business Management Software

MindBody is ideal for companies offering customized services, such as personal trainers, spas and fitness facilities. It’s the most diverse full-service business tool you’ll encounter – from inventory management to staff resources to gym management. This app offers everything you’ll require to bring your long-term vision to life.

It’s simple; you plan for your day and welcome new customers. When they arrive at your business, you check them in. If first timers are looking to join, you can instruct them to sign a few things with an e-waiver quickly, and MindBody saves their profile immediately.

This online appointment calendar is not ideal for small business owners who are looking for something simple yet powerful, without breaking the bank.

6) Timely Booking, Appointment Scheduling software

Timely booking allows your clients to book appointments online regardless of their location. The CMS feature lets you send bulk emails reminders calculate payments, view staff bookings, automated booking and track payments, so you can spend more time focusing on building your business.

This software can configure interfaces in different languages (English, Russia, and Spanish) as needed. Clients can also book for your services according to their availability with an individual contact.

The fully integrated customer management system and database make it easier for you to perform administrative functions. Your clients’ profiles can show on the booking page, and the entire calendar is editable by you.

From fitness to billing, time management to nutrition, these apps can push you to the right direction by helping you organize your schedule better. Depending on your budget, you can download a free app or opt for the paid one, but regardless of your choice, the apps are worth your time.