Tata motors have certainly made their mark as one of the first developers of automobiles in the country. With the advancements of the time, the company went ahead to be India’s no 1 provider in the automotive segment. 

Today, the automobiles engineered by Tata have set a new high in terms of their spare parts and repairs. Being highly in demand, the auto parts sold by Tata have also seen a new high. The current market situation revolves around the automobile industry in the country. 

Online markets have been the most recent additions where people can now buy online spare parts as well. However, it comes with a twist. The increase of competition in the spare parts segment has forced many retailers to sell fake spare replacements to their customers and have the added advantage of profits. To keep yourself safe from such traps, you can consider buying your Tata spare parts from Boodmo at https://boodmo.com/vehicles/tata-429/.

At times, it becomes really hard for the buyers to differentiate between the genuine and the fake one’s. Therefore, to help you out with the same suggested below are some tips to buy Tata genuine spare parts in India.

How to Buy Tata Genuine Spare Parts Online

Buying spare parts for your brand new car or your old car is now just a matter of clicks away. The online service providers, like Boodmo, have injected the Indian segment with the required push to buy genuine spare parts online.


  • Understand your needs before you decide to purchase spares online


Your true search for finding the ideal spare part is to understand what you truly need. The internet is flooded with parts that look similar and might confuse you with what needs to be ordered. 

Understanding your spares is essential and the quantity you need helps you save money and get the perfect spare part that is needed. Once you have done quick research around the spare part that is needed, you can easily compare the list of providers over the internet and get the best price for your spare. 


  • Are you sure your packaging is original?


As we explained earlier, there are a wide number of dealers that try to sell you a fake product that is sure to come with fake packaging as well. Therefore, it is always advisable that you check the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer number with the one that is present on the spare part that you are looking for. 

OEM numbers inside every identical Tata spare are the same and saves you from theft and helps to buy the genuine product. 

Besides the packaging, you should also be aware of online marketplaces that offer striking rates for a similar product. It is advisable that you stay away from such tempting offers and discounts as they will only lead you to a scam, in one form or other. 


  • Check the cost of deliveries


There is a serious misunderstanding that rises among customers when it comes to the deliveries of spare parts. When it comes to the delivery of a product, customers are often duped by sites that don’t sell genuine products. 

It is for the customers to understand that not every spare part is charged with convenience or handling of deliveries. Know before you place the final deliveries that you won’t always be charged for placing orders of the delivery of auto parts.

It should be noted that auto parts that have a higher weight are charged by the shipping companies. Ideally, auto parts with their volumetric weight of up to 70 kg will be charged by every individual seller around the world. The vendors need to pay for the packaging, handling etc for such parts. Order wisely!


  • Look for providers that provide you with the installation of your spare


While buying spare parts can be easy, getting them installed certainty isn’t. However, to match up with the increased competition in the market, few genuine providers help the customers with the added advantages of the installation of their products. 

Besides ensuring you that the product that you are looking for is genuine, having a company that provides you with quick installation means that they are genuine and reputed. 


  • Beware of scams


There are no online platforms that have not been scammed lately. Therefore, to be on the safer side, always keep a keen eye on the payment gateway that you are making the payments into. 

Moreover, you should also be looking for returns and replacements for your product.


While buying offline parts is convenient, it certainly can’t match the time and cost-saving efforts of getting your product delivered through online portals. However, now you know what needs to be done when you are buying your products from such stores.