Online casinos have and are continuing to become increasingly popular because of how convenient they are. Thanks to online casino platforms, individuals can play their favorite online casino games from wherever they are.

Online roulette is undeniably one of the most preferred online casino games. For starters, it is easy to play and has great odds (depending on the roulette version). However, like any other game, players, especially beginners, need a couple of tricks up their sleeves to succeed in playing this game.

With that being said, here are the top 5 online roulette strategy tips for newbies.

Avoid Playing American Roulette  

As a beginner online roulette player, it’s advisable not to play American roulette. Typically, an American roulette wheel has 38 numbers. Due to this reason, this roulette version has a higher house edge and lower odds than the European roulette version.

The house edge of American roulette is approximately 5.6%, while the house edge percentage of European roulette is about 2.7%, which is a significant difference. Moreover, European roulette offers players better odds of winning than American roulette. So, new online roulette players should avoid playing American roulette until they master the ins and outs of this game.

Understand the Layout and Rules of Online Roulette

The secret to being a pro in any online casino game is understanding its layout; roulette is no exception. It’s advisable to know the layouts of the different roulette games, understand how the numbers in each roulette version are arranged on the wheel, and, most importantly, understand what each bet means.

Unfortunately, some newbie gamblers begin playing online roulette before understanding what every bet on the game means. And this is a huge mistake since they will not know what exactly they are placing their money on when playing this game.

Therefore, beginner online roulette players must understand fully what each bet in this game means. From a red/black bet to an odd/even bet and a high/low bet, among others.

Like other online casino games, online roulette also has its rules. So, it’s recommendable for players, especially beginners, to understand the rules of this game to avoid making mistakes that would have been avoided in the first place.

Opt for Outside Bets Instead of Inside Bets

Another great tip for succeeding in online roulette as a beginner is to choose outside bets over inside bets. With outside bets, players have a slightly less than 50% chance of winning.

Usually, this category of bets in online roulette has a 50/50 odd of winning. However, because of the 0 or 00 numbers on the wheel, the odds of winning are reduced to just under 50%, but compared to odds with inside bets, outside bets still have the upper hand. Therefore, it’s best for beginner online roulette players to opt for outside bets as a starting point. However, keep in mind that outside bets have a lower payout.

Pick the Ideal Online Casino for You

The first strategy to winning in online roulette games as a beginner is to choose the right online casino. But, with the many online casinos available today, how does one choose the right one when it comes to online roulette?

The first thing to consider is the roulette games the casino offers. Since European roulette is the ideal version for beginners, it’s best to choose an online casino with this version. Another vital factor is the bonuses and promotions an online casino offers.

It’s advisable to choose an online casino that not only offers bonuses but has online roulette as one of the online casino games that count towards the wagering requirement. That way, players can utilize the casino bonuses to try out online roulette and understand the basics without placing their money on the line.

Play with Your Mind and Not Your Emotions

Gambling can be addictive, so it’s important for individuals to play with their minds and not emotions. For starters, gamblers shouldn’t spend so much time playing online roulette or any other online casino game. This is because they will be spending more money than anticipated, which is not good.

Players also need to have a spending limit when it comes to gambling. That way, they can manage how much money they use on online casino games.

It’s also important for gamblers to take a step back once in a while and reevaluate their strategies when playing any casino game. This is especially important if they are losing their bets simultaneously.


Online roulette is a pretty easy casino game, making it perfect for beginner gamblers. However, this game requires one to have strategies just like any other casino game. So, individuals need to familiarize themselves with tips to increase their odds of winning in this game.