Animals aren’t often associated with video games. After all, PCs and Xboxes don’t necessarily bring to mind visions of Mother Nature and all of our world’s beautiful creatures. Still, many developers rely on wildlife in order to add elements of realism, fantasy, and ecological context to their games. 

In other words, whether PC and console titles actively involve the animal kingdom, players are more than likely to spot a few familiar creatures as they play. From open-world sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto to rogue-lites As Far As the Eye, animals might be a pivotal detail that completes world-building or a more active part of side quests. 

But those who want to find a wildlife title to play on a mobile device will still have plenty of options. For example, exciting wildlife slots can be accessed straight from a smartphone with most providers. These cover a range of themes, from cute country views abuzz with bees to daring oceanic adventures that let players swim with the sharks.

There are also safari, fantasy, beach, and jungle settings—which means wildlife fans can sample a wide variety of slots. In fact, these options are almost as varied as console and PC games. So if you’re on the hunt for a longer-form game than slots, consider one of the titles below.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (Mediterranean)

Alba The wildlife adventure

This open-world game lets players take a mindful look at life on a peaceful Mediterranean island. They can catalog animals and birds, taking care of them while noting observations. But there’s a deeper message at play. The island, though a refuge for wildlife, is at risk of serious pollution thanks to its human inhabitants—which Alba is here to stop. Interestingly enough, developers bridge the game’s mission with its content: a tree is planted every time the game is downloaded.

Abzu (Marine Life)

This title is one of the shortest on the list. The game is designed to let players explore the wonders of marine life, from schools of flitting fish to larger predators. With a stellar visual design, the game instills a sense of wonder in its players. Given most projects explore wildlife on the ground—or in the air—this title is a perfect fit for those who love the ocean and all its creatures.

The Last Guardian (Fantasy)

Let’s step entirely into the world of fantasy. In The Last Guardian, players must navigate a fantasy world with the help of a massive and gentle creature known as Trico. Trico is part bird and part mammal, with wings, talons, and fuzzy ears. Together, the player and Trico must develop a sense of trust, then solve puzzles together. Despite being a work of fantasy, the game includes the slow and incremental relationship-building that animal lovers will recognize.    

The Last Guardian (Fantasy)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Fantasy)

With years of experience under their belt, the creators of Zelda are no strangers to bridging elements of fantasy and the real world. In this installation, players are treated to a series of fantastical animals that add context to their journey. In this case, players explore a world that’s been overtaken by nature—which means they’re often surrounded by stunning creatures, from galloping horses to wide-eyed owl-rabbits.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Realism)

If you’re interested in a game that offers a highly realistic look at wildlife, then you won’t find a better option than Red Dead Redemption 2. The game’s developers went above and beyond to create meaningful interactions with wildlife—and not all are pleasant. Just like during the rugged days of frontier expansion in the American southwest, players will need to hunt animals for sustenance at times and outwit dangerous predators during other chapters. And just like frontier people of the time, they’ll have limited tools to hunt or protect themselves.