In this fast growing world of internet, everyone prefers quick access to websites and blogs. If you’re all set with the most attractive and informative blog which takes eternity to load, then you’re doing it all wrong my friend. A healthy user experience starts right when a visitors enters the URL of your blog and expects the blog fully loaded on the screen in nor more than a couple of seconds. Hence, if you’re still lagging behind in optimizing the loading speed of your blog, then this article is for you.

There are tons of advantages of having minimum loading speed for your blog as it gains the trust of users. You obviously feel flattered when something you request is served quickly. Hence, in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your visitors, you need to makes sure that they don’t get annoyed by the loading speed of your blog. Now, there are many ways to achieve this. One of them is availing a public CDN service. So what is a public CDN service?


CDN (Content Delivery Network) is basically a network of servers spread all over the world which grabs the content of your blog like images and code behind all the design and caches it. Hence, whenever a visitor who lies in the region of that server will be able to access your blog faster as he/she will be served your blog through that server which already has most of the components of your blog. Now, that we know about how public CDN server helps in reducing the loading time, let us look at the top 5 free public CDN services which you can check out for yourself.

1. Google CDN

Well the name itself does all the work. Google has a huge network of servers globally which you can utilize. You can load all your Javascript and CSS libraries of your blog on the Google servers and hence get rid of the time which they would consume in loading the blog.  

2. Cloudfare

Cloudfare is one of the most prominent names when it comes to free public CDN services. It offers quite a good amount of features which enhanced speed and security. Setting up is really easy as well, all you need to so is just create new account at Coudfare and add your blog into it. In no time will you get the nameservers which you can use to optimize the page load speed of your blog.  


3. cdnjs CDN

cdnjs CDN is an open source CDN which allows you to host everything from jQuery and Modernizr to Bootstrap. It is used by a lot of websites online. 

4. Microsoft CDN

Microsoft CDN has most of the Ajax and Javascript libraries which are being used by many thrid party web applications. If your blog is focused largely on Ajax, then you should definitely opt for the Microsoft CDN which will assist your visitors by serving cached content from all over the world.  

5. jQuery CDN

Now, jQuery CDN is the host to maximum number of Javascript libraries being powered by MaxCDN. One can make use of these libraries simply by adding a one line code in the web application which will load all the scripts from jQuery CDN when a visitor requests for them.

So, these were some of the best available free public CDN service which you might need for the starters.

We strongly recommend a rapidly emerging CDN service, namely SpaceCDN which has excellent coverage across the globe. They offer a user-friendly assistance to provide a premium quality customer experience. You can get your hands on SpaceCDN by using it for 1 month absolutely free and try the premium features. If you decide to buy the service, you’ll have to pay only for what you use and not a single penny extra.

Taking a step towards enhancing the loading speed of the blog will definitely prove fruitful as the users will stick to your site and return again in future. I hope this article will help you choose a good public CDN service for your blog.