This is the information age; anything you want to know can be found from a simple online search. Because of this, education has changed dramatically. Understanding that students are more familiar with computers than traditional books, education is hopping on board with technology. In recent years, students have been allowed to bring laptops or tablets to use in class. As well, more and more online courses are being offered. Silicon Valley has recognized this demand for innovation in education and as such, are moving forward and introducing new technologies. A relatively new sector in the industry, EdTech is a group of companies that are working on improving education through technological implementation. By using these programs, students can greatly improve their education experience. Here are the top 6 EdTech programs to utilize for stellar grades:

1) MyPaperWriter

Academic paper writing is something you’ll have to face in college. Most students hate paperwork, but no one can escape it. MyPaperWriter is a website that is always ready to lend you a helping hand. First of all, it’s a trusted writing service with years of experience. They can provide you with custom essays, term papers, and even dissertations. Also, it’s one of the biggest databases of paper samples. You’ll surely find the one related to your topic among thousands of examples written by professionals.

2) EssayPro

Throughout your college career, you will have to write more essays than you ever could imagine. Each week, there will be a new essay with a new topic. Sometimes, you may simply require a little help with your essay writing. By submitting an order with EssayPro, you can find a writer to meet your needs. You are able to chat with your writer throughout the process and wait until you are completely satisfied with the content before placing payment. This can be a great program to use if you are feeling overwhelmed with the course load.

3) Udemy

Where there are people willing to learn, there is a demand for people willing to teach. Even if you are still in the learning phase of your life, there may be a skill you are already capable of teaching. Whether you are looking to learn something new or take on the challenge of teaching, Udemy is a site worth checking out. There is a wide range of courses to choose from and if you feel you have a unique course to add, you can sign up as an instructor and design a course of your own. School can be expensive and this may be a great way to make some extra cash to go toward your own learning.

 4) Skillshub

When it comes to online learning, Skillshub is another brilliant and effective option for all the professionals out there. With hundreds of courses and interactive content, you can surely learn a lot of things with Skillshub. Moreover, the course can be easily customized according to your schedule and preferences making it more convenient for all the users.

5) Voxy

It is a dream for most to graduate with a degree from an esteemed university. From Harvard to Yale, these schools are desirable, but they have one thing in common, english speaking. Though there are plenty of respected and elite schools worldwide to choose from, if it is your wish to attend an english speaking college, but not speak english yourself, Voxy is a a great program to utilize. This english-teaching program is customized to your needs and goals and offers video conferencing with personal instruction. You will be speaking english in no time.

6) Kramer

No matter what degree you are pursuing, it is rare to take a course without having to do a little group work. Professors will implement group projects into the course outline because it prepares students for when they will be required to work with others in their career. Since group projects can be a pain with successfully planning around everyone’s schedule, Kramer has offered a solution. This wireless systems allows students to share work between all devices. Instead of meeting in one location to exchange research and writing, students can work on their own tasks and send from wherever they are.

Each of these programs offers something unique to help you with your pursuit of education. While going the traditional route and spending hours in a library may work for some students, for others it is ideal to utilize the online tools available. There is so much to learn and technology provides a way to learn better. Though education has been resistant to change in the past, it is slowly moving forward and allowing innovation to improve education for all.