The Call of duty turned out to be a massive success immediately after its launch on console and PC players. The game is fun on both platforms, but if you are one of those who enjoy playing on a PC by plugging a controller, we have some of the best tips for you. Playing with a controller can be more challenging as compared to a keyboard and a mouse. 

Thus, we have these techniques that will elevate and enhance your skills as a controller player and give you a great gaming experience. For more such kind of guides, go to

Choose The Best Button Layouts

Button layouts of the controller vary according to the preference and comfort of the player. If you are not very new to Call of Duty and have played it earlier, you can use the default layout.

There are various layout options with good muscle memory, and choosing one of them is advisable. Many players prefer to go for a layout that they are already familiar with, to begin with. However, make sure that the layout has muscle memory. This also helps the player to aim better.

Some players like to use the Tactical stick layout, making dropping shots easier and convenient as you don’t have to take your thumb out of the stick. To get the Tactical layout, change the crouch from circle or B by clicking on the right thumbstick.

But remember using a different button and stick layouts will not make you a pro in this game overnight. It will take a lot of practice to figure out what works best.

Choose The Right Thumbstick

Using the right thumbstick is important as it helps in sharpening the aim of the person. Those players who prefer using weapons like Snipers can go for the Tall Domed Thumbstick as it helps in proper precision. On the other hand, if you get hyper while playing and prefer to use weapons like Shotguns, then go for a short, domed thumbstick to shoot faster with accuracy. The best way to win and defeat your opponent is by shooting them faster and throwing them out of the game.

Switch Off The Controller Vibration

Switching off the vibration of your controller is more preferable than keeping it on. There is a high possibility that the vibration will shake your hands while you aim to shoot and increase the chances of you missing the shot. If you can get rid of vibration feedback, you will achieve better accuracy and improve your overall performance. Thus, go to the settings of the game and switch off the vibration button.

Keep Your Stick Sensitivity Balanced

Different players like it in different ways. Some want their sensitivity to be very high, while others like it low. Thus, keeping it in five is a balanced option.

Change Weapons Instead Of Reloading

Swapping weapons is better than reloading when the player doesn’t have ammo. Changing weapons takes less time than reloading, which will increase your chances of surviving longer in the game.

Below are some of the weapon settings that will help you in simplifying your game.

If you have recently discovered the game, it might take a while to realize which suits you the best, but here are a few controller default setting options that you can start using.

All of these above-mentioned tips will enrich your gaming skills tremendously. If you want to bring the best out of the game, you have to mess around with the game settings. One thing you have to keep in mind is to practice the game as much as you can. You can leave a comment for any related queries. Stay tuned for more guides.