Mobile apps are amazing for taking the maximum from your smartphone. Communication, working with multimedia files, working with docs, even arranging your educational process, and doing many-many other things are possible to do at ease having a mobile device at hand only. There are lots of useful and interesting apps to download and try. For instance, suggest you draw attention to these most downloaded apps in 2022. Available in App Store or Google Play.

What criteria have been taken for these suggestions? Apps were selected based on the number of downloads, rates, and the scope of functions offered to users. So, what are the most interesting and useful apps?

TOP 5 Apps: Interesting and Useful to Try

According to the users’ reviews, the best apps in 2022 are these ones:

  • Lily – Plant Identification

This is a useful app for people who are fond of plants and want to boost their home plant collection. This app is also good for naturalists who explore the Green Universe on an ongoing basis. Having installed this plant id app makes these things a number of times easier. A user needs to take a photo of a plant (flower, tree, whatever) and make the respective search request. The rest of the things this app will do automatically. 

This tool can not only identify your target plant but also pick similar suggestions to make the scope for your choice much wider. Lily – Plant  Identification makes also available access to the community of expert naturalists who can give useful advice or suggestions about plant care and other associated matters. If you already have your collection of plants, this tool can also be helpful with getting reminders about care routines. This tool is available in the App Store. Download it and get lots of interesting things thanks to it. 

  • Tik Tok

A network that has become extremely popular among teenagers and artists of different kinds. Its main goal is to provide the space for placing entertaining content. Currently, it has more than a couple of active users. The network is also very popular among bloggers and students. It is an easy one to create videos, gain new followers, and become popular fast.

  • Spotify

This is an app perfect for music lovers. If you wish to listen to music and podcasts, this is the exact app to install and use. How to navigate this app? You may search for a concrete track, album, or artist. The pleasant thing is that you can do this for free. You may not only search for tracks that interest you but also build your personal playlists. And you may, of course, share such playlists with other Spotify users. If you want to get more fresh ideas, access to ready-made playlists is also available and recommendations as well.

What else should be noted about this truly amazing app? It enables access not to music only but to podcasts too. Listen to recorded and real-time conversations with artists, creators, and athletes.

There are two options for this app. One is free and is associated with ads reviews. Its Premium option enables ads-free reviews and an opportunity to listen to your favorite music and playlists offline. The Premium option provides a bit better quality of music experience also. In any case, this app is a worthy one to try if you have not done this yet.

  • Duolingo

This is a must-have education app for those who wish to learn foreign languages fast and effectively. It facilitates the learning process – a user needs to spend five minutes per day only. This is how foreign languages are learned gradually, without overloads and breaking a schedule. This app enables a user to learn the major rules and words of a target language. It is full of useful information and a user is always able to learn more than the app suggests by default. Another pleasant thing about the app to emphasize – it is free. Download and apply to gain and boost your language skills.

  • Snapchat

A gorgeous app that will allow you to share different graphic content and small video files. This app appears to be odd at first glance. But, its popularity can be easily explained thanks to its main option when videos sent by a user disappear after some time. That may be a useful thing sometimes.

Final Words

If you wish to get more from your mobile device, install useful apps then. Think about getting more inspiration and options for a good mood thanks to entertaining content from Tik Tok. Share your videos thanks to Snapchat and find more cool music thanks to Spotify. Lily – Plant  Identification is another interesting app that will help you to explore the green universe nearby using your smartphone at hand only. Install useful and engaging apps to make your user experience better.