Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Understandably, running a business and making a fortune independently certainly carries a lot of appeal when compared to the alternative of showing up to a job everyday. Unfortunately, the majority of ‘wantrepreneurs’ will have at least one startup that fails, and many of them won’t make it past the first five years in business. In comes the need for a fallback career – the stable and steady paycheck or salary that you’ll trust to carry you through if all else fails. Getting a bachelors in business administration is a great fallback degree because it can be used to land management-level jobs in virtually any industry. Here are four degrees to fall back on in the event your plan A turns into plan B:

1. Masters in Social Work


Many master’s degree programs can take 4-8 years to complete, which sounds more like a lifetime commitment than a fallback anything. However, it’s possible to earn a masters in social work online through a reputable distance learning institution like Rutgers University. After those two years are up, you’ll be ready to apply for jobs in a multitude of industries. Someone who has completed an online MSW program can go to virtually any city and apply at hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, military bases and facilities, drug rehab centers, and the human resources departments of most major corporations. A 2-year course, high employability, and countless career opportunities make the MSW one of the best fallback degrees around.

2. Bachelors in Computer Science

A bachelor’s in computer science can be earned in two years and will give you the credentials and skills needed to pursue a job in a broad range of high paying technical fields. The market outlook for this sector is phenomenal and is only set to increase as technology advances.

3. Bachelors in Nursing


Studying to become a registered nurse will put you on the path to enjoying a career that is known for having one of the lowest unemployment rates and highest job demands. There are currently nursing shortages in many developed countries, including the U.S. and the UK, so you’ll be able to apply at hospitals and other healthcare facilities almost anywhere in the world.

4. Bachelors in Business Administration

A bachelor’s in business administration is a great fallback degree because it can be used to land management level jobs in virtually any industry. Companies need people to run their businesses, so the demand is always there, and the average salary for someone with a business administration degree sits in the $50,000-$70,000+ range.

If the goal is to maximize your chances of having a stable career to fall back on, you might want to consider the advantages of pursuing two degrees at once. For example, many people have chosen to pursue both a BSN and MSW online. While some universities discourage the dual degree route because it can be demanding to have to juggle two separate curriculums on campus, taking this approach with a distance learning institution is definitely doable for someone who is dedicated to focusing full-time on their education.