During an accident, a person has to go through a rollercoaster ride of emotions, claims, medical bills, and several other hassles. You have to manage all several entities during the whole course of an accident claim while taking out time to heal. Here in this article, we will give you some important pointers to remember while handling a claim of an accident so that you can handle everything smoothly.

Pointers To Deem For An Accident Claim In Denver

File A Report With The Police Immediately

Filing a report with the police authority is one of the prime and mandatory steps to take if you go through an accident. You should call 911 and ask for medical assistance if it is required. You should tell the police everything that happened and share information about all the other drivers that were involved in the accident. Also, always remember to note down the badge number and name of the police officer that is handling the case.

If the police officer is not at the scene, you can file the report through the online portal. Make sure to get a copy of the report and keep it safe.

Remember The Statue Of Limitation

You should remember that there are deadlines to file a report and resolve the accident claim. For example, there is a 3-year deadline for resolving the claim for damages in case of a car accident in Denver, Colorado. The deadline is referred to as the Statue of Limitation.

If you fail to resolve the claim or file a report within this deadline, then you have to bear all the expenses caused by the accident, like, medical expenses, maintenance damages, etc. So, it is advised to hire an attorney to take care of all these deadlines and clauses so that you can stay stress-free and claim the full amount of the damages.

However, you need to hire the correct attorney for the accident. For example, in case of a truck accident, you need to opt for a Denver truck accident attorney to handle everything smoothly.

Yes To Correct Attorney

Opting for the correct attorney is one of the crucial steps for claiming compensation for the damages that occurred in the accident. You have to pick the correct lawyers so that they can file the accident claims with the insurance company, and you can focus on healing yourself with your family in the moment of distress.

For example, if somehow you have an accident on your motorcycle, then Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will be able to help you in all aspects so that you don’t miss the deadline to file for a claim and get the best possible compensation for your damages.

It is advised to let your lawyer talk with the insurance company of the defaulter driver. Insurance companies can add pressure or use your statements against you to settle the claim with a lesser amount.

Once all the medical treatments are completed, your layer will send a demand letter to the insurance company. Your attorney will provide all the necessary details to the insurance company, like driver names, policy numbers, injury nature, damage report, photographs of the accident, copy of the accident report, report bills, demand letter, etc.

The demand letter will contain all the pieces of information that will state the details of the accident and the impact it took on your life. Physical, emotional, financial, and all other aspects will be covered in the demand letter.

The insurance company of the defaulter driver will have a deadline to respond to the demand letter, and your attorney will guide you through the whole negotiating process. However, the final decision to settle the claim will be in your hands. You can either settle or reject the offer. If you reject the offer, then you have to file a lawsuit in which your attorney will help and provide all the details.

Is It Safe To Talk To The Defaulter Driver’s Insurance Company Yourself?

You should only share your insurance information with the defaulter driver or his/her insurance company if you get into any conversation with them. The insurance company can use your statements and add pressure on you while settling the claim for a lesser amount. So, it is best to let your attorney handle all the conversations with the company.

Final Thoughts

These are the crucial points to deem while filing an accident claim in Denver, Colorado. Go through the article and keep them in your mind so that you can act wisely during the whole scenario.