In 2022, most enterprise businesses were trying to recover from setbacks, and losses suffered due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There was plenty to cheer about this year, but uncertainty continues to loom large because of the ongoing Russian-Ukraine War and possible global recession in 2023. 

As business leaders, you must arm yourself with all the necessary resources to avert another string of losses next year. And investment in the right tech solutions is very much needed if you want to maximize productivity, improve overall efficiency, and keep customers satisfied. For example, solutions such as SAP automation helps plan resources more effectively, which enhances business productivity.

Consider investing in these three tech solutions if you want to focus on your core business, navigate the recession, and grow your revenue in 2023. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers on-demand access to different services via the internet, such as servers, databases, data storage, development tools, networking, and software. By leveraging it, you can make your business more agile and flexible. It enables you to scale up your IT resources quickly to deal with a sudden surge in demand or rapid growth of your business. Cloud computing also makes it easy for employees to communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world. So, if required, you can switch to the hybrid work model at a short notice. Cloud computing is a sustainable tech solution as well. It helps you increase the utilization of shared resources and reduce the use of energy and other environmental resources.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The success of your business largely hinges on your customers. So, your business should have a customer-centric posture, and you need to keep your customers satisfied at all times. CRM will help you with that. By tapping into it, you can build a relationship with your customers as it is an interface that allows you to collect their data in one place. It leads to scalable communication with your customers. As you are able to interact with them in a relevant, timely, and personalized way, you will see high customer satisfaction and an increase in profits.


As mentioned in the beginning, SAP automation can enable you to improve your business productivity. So, if you want to thrive despite the challenging external environment, make installation of RISE with SAP your top priority in 2023. It will enable you to quickly and easily adapt your business processes to new requirements and changing demands.

Introduced in January of 2021, RISE with SAP combines cloud offerings into a convenient package, allowing users to:

  • Redesign business process intelligence
  • Migrate technical tools and services
  • Develop cloud infrastructure and operations
  • Protect data with embedded cybersecurity

With RISE with SAP, you can truly transform your business.

Examine Your Business Needs

A wide range of tech solutions is available online. Your business, however, does not require all of them. So, before you begin shopping for tech solutions, examine your business needs for next year and determine what kind of solutions will help you run your processes, systems and departments effectively. Once you have done that, invest in the best available tech solution. It will enable you to focus on your core strengths at all times, even during difficult times, resulting in better outcomes for your business in 2023.