Today’s teens have unrestricted access to a plethora of mind-blowing mobile video games with divine graphics and game action that some of us would have never even dared to dream of seeing a few decades ago when Need for Speed or Fifa were pretty much the norm on the market. Today, you can easily get your hands on an awesome high roller casino bonus in just a few seconds and start engaging in a fully immersive online casino gameplay experience in front of your laptop, meet with other fellow gamers to play your favourite video games, or watch other games play live games. It’s that easy!

With over 1.1 million video game titles and counting, not finding the right game for you is simply out of the discussion. Plus, the presence of thousands of skilled live streamers on Twitch, Uplay, Steam, Facebook, YouTube, and other specialised streaming platforms for gamers is also helping the esports industry in South Africa keep growing and turning into one of the most vibrant streaming communities worldwide.

Find out who are the most popular South African video game streamers you need to start following today!

Why Should You Watch Video Game Streamers?

If you have never watched someone else play a video game live before, we believe a single experience of this kind should get you hooked. Live streaming video gameplay appears to have captured the interest of many gamers in SA and other parts of the planet. According to Statista, more than 8.8 billion hours of live video games have been played, streamed, and watched during the first quarter of 2021. For comparison, the numbers had only reached 3.6 billion hours a couple of years ago, whereas the number of casino gamblers has been determined at around 26% of the world population or 1.6 billion people. However, 4.2 billion people seem to actively engage in a form of gambling at least once a year, as opposed to 2.69 billion video game players in 2020.

Without a doubt, the way video and casino games are played has evolved a great deal in recent years, thanks to the advent of top technologies that allow us to take our gaming on the go, on hand-held devices connected to the internet or enjoy them from the comfort of our own homes. 

Why Are Streams So Popular?

With more and more streamers sharing their gameplay with the entire world, the projections speaking about 3.07 billion video gamers by the year 2023 seem more and more palpable. Video game streamers in South African have begun to build a steady community in recent years, in spite of the internet speed and connectivity issues they have been dealing with. Ever since the first streamers in SA made an appearance online, they began to bring their huge and irrefutable contribution to the growth of the gaming market in the country, attracting more players and popular gaming brands and companies.

Reputable brands or new companies that are just emerging in the industry are all taking advantage of these popular streamers’ incredible power to influence gamers and they are leveraging it to their best advantage to promote their titles. Who are some of the most appreciated and watched streamers in SA? Let’s find out!

#1: The Caramel Gamer

The Caramel Gamer has gathered a following of 18,000 gamers on Twitch and he is a UK-based video gamer from South African who mostly focuses on the most popular Electronic Arts titles like the Apex Legends. He is not exactly what you would call a fully competitive player, but he is a constant presence part of community tourneys and he is also a highly appreciated streamer part of royale competitions. His streams are so appealing to so many people since he gives out some very positive and highly energetic vibes, while his gameplay is top-notch. He has even managed to sign off as a content creator with Bravado Gaming, which is one of the oldest and most appreciated gaming companies in SA.

#2: MissLadyJay

MissLadyJay is one of the best 100 video game players in Gwent, which is a highly competitive card game. If you also happen to be attracted by bits of gambling and card games in general, you are going to appreciate her content. She began her career as a streamer by playing COD and she is now streaming her Gwent gameplay live, where you can watch her play ladder, practise her skills, try out new strategies, or set up her desks for the world to see. She also has a very laid-back and pleasant vibe and her streams are not only highly informative and interesting to watch, but they are also very relaxing and entertaining. She is also an official Twitch partner and another one of Bravado Gaming’s content creators.

#3: ArcadeZA

Sibu Mpanza and OkayWasabi are two popular South African YouTubers who initially became internet famous with their own individual channels, then later on reunited under the ArcadeZA name, dedicating a new YouTube channel to their burning passion for gaming and tech-related content in general. Fortnite and popular mobile titles such as Free Fire are some of their favourites, but they also frequently join streamer as well as influencer competitions and they are particularly entertaining to watch.