iGaming is, definitely, one of the leaders among fast-growing industries that provide entertainment services online. Thus, punters may experience difficulties while choosing the best place and option for wagering. Lucky for all of us, there are experts in the Canadian online gambling market ready to help every enthusiast in finding the most favorable casino and the most profitable game. Such reviews are prepared with one purpose only — to provide information about the venues that feature the biggest bonus offer, the widest selection of games, and the highest quality of software at all times. Fulfilling its duty, this article is about to deliver a detailed guide about categories that are chosen by players of different levels as the best and funniest pastime.

Baccarat for High Stakers

Whether it is an old-school brick-and-mortar gambling house or a virtual operator, Baccarat constantly occupies top positions when it comes to large real-money wagers. It isn’t surprising a bit as the game is extremely speedy, and, at the same time, it is one of the easiest ones to learn. For those tired of complicated and stressful disciplines, Baccarat is literally the only choice to be made.

Poker — The King of Card Games

While the number of card games is close to infinite, the one that remains an all-time favorite for thousands of gamblers is Poker. There are a huge number of styles and varieties that apply for Poker, beginning with regular and 2 Hand kinds of Hold’em and ending with Three Card and Caribbean Stud Poker. One may consider this an obvious category, but there is a whole world of thrilling games hiding beneath.

Blackjack or Twenty One

Another classic table entertainment with a history of several centuries. Despite its ancient origin, the game’s popularity reached skyrocketing heights during the 20th century and expanded even further when it was reinvented in online casinos. In the virtual world, every player will find favorite version as the variety includes both time-tested options like American and European Blackjack, along with some rather innovative picks like Switch and Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

The French Roulette

Originally coming from France, today, Roulette is a true worldwide activity, especially considering its online gaming potential. Even a few rounds of the spinning wheel will make the bettor feel like he or she is standing just in front of the table in the middle of one of Las Vegas’ casinos. Both the classic European and the rather riskier American roulette can be easily found throughout the web along with Lightning, French, and some other kinds of it.

Thousands of Slots

As one of the most popular types of gambling, slots draw the attention of software developers all the time, and, as a result, online players have thousands of various titles to choose from today. They feature different numbers of reels and pay lines, free spins that allow newcomers to test every machine, and a guarantee that one’s win is absolutely fair and random. In addition, the symbol setup is updated with new ones, and a jackpot can reach enormous sums.

Leisure Time with Video Poker

Virtual machines for Video Poker are the single best choice for those loving the feeling of hitting the royal flush at an easy and relaxing pace. Combining the excitement of good old regular poker and some modifications that new technologies brought to the gameplay, Video Poker takes different forms such as Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and many others. Moreover, this is literally the only category where players can contemplate how worlds of jackpot and poker meet each other.

Classic Craps

Usually rated with 5 out of 5 stars, the famous betting entertainment known as Craps can often be met in one variation only. Still, it always takes the highest positions in browsers of online casinos. Playing Craps is, for sure, the best way to experience something outstanding among other betting games without losing the traditional atmosphere of wagering.


Although Bingo has the same odds that other games of chance have, it gifts its participant something more than simply an opportunity to win a fortune. With Bingo, people socialize (thanks to live chats), get better memory and cognitive functions, and, finally, some of them even become wealthy.

The Famous Keno

Among many different lottery games, Keno is the one that may become the total replacement for any other representative of this genre. Speaking of the gameplay, there is not that much new to discover, but from the other side, some of its aspects make the entertainment way more exciting:

  • Available anytime from anywhere
  • Wagers and prize pools of bigger values
  • Higher chances to win

As there are lots of offers to play Keno online with free-to-play mode also available, there is nothing that should stop one from at least trying.

Live Casino for True Enthusiasts

While iGaming is developing intensively, software developers also keep up with the times and offer much more than a fancy video slot. Nowadays, a dealer can come straight to one’s home being broadcasted directly to the screen of a smartphone or laptop along with Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and other table games included. This is a cheap and convenient solution for all fans of land-based betting houses.

Good Old Lotteries

Lottery is probably the only type of gambling that is known and held all over the world, and now, it is available across the web too. Being as simple as possible, lotteries are the most suitable way for one to start his or her wagering career.

Sic Bo — The Real Test of Luck

When punters want to simply tempt their fates in an exotic way, Sic Bo is what they choose as this one surely doesn’t have any winning strategy affecting the outcomes. Besides, elegant and plain rules apply.

Bottom Line

The finest thing about the categories mentioned above is that all of them are in stock on dozens of safe betting platforms that also support mobile devices to bankroll the account and wager cash. Collections of entertainment for any taste are waiting for Canadian players to try them out and enjoy a truly secure and joyful session.