Predicting trends may not always come out as hitting a bull’s eye. However, many trends have already cleared their way and are expected to shape 2020 in a new way. 

iOS development is progressing on a very promising path, thanks to all the technological developments that are made so far. Being smartphone users, we all know that the development of mobile trends is at a peak in 2020.

Today, you have incredible ease in using iOS operated gadgets. All this is nothing but an outcome of incredible app development ideas. This article is all about the iOS trends that will make 2020 a different world for all iOS operated gadgets using users

Here Are The Top 10 Trends That May Change The World In 2020:

1. Security- 

What is your greatest concern ever since you stepped into the world of technology? 

Well, undoubtedly security is the only answer. The presentation of Authentication Services indicates how security is concerned and supported by iOS developers. So, delight yourself from the fact that security is already taken care of this year. It is necessary to know whether your app is safe enough so that there are no possibilities of data leaks or cyber-attacks. 

2. Machine Learning-

Machine learning is nothing new to the iOS world. It has already impressed a lot of users worldwide. Undoubtedly, it is all set to be at the top in iOS trends of 2020. The Core ML2 was introduced in 2018. Surprisingly, now machine learning occurs 30% faster, is more customizable and above all, it requires less memory. 

Moreover, there are resources like Wonderpush, which provides you an opportunity to take your business to the next level. It provides you with React Native push notifications for Android and iOS mobile applications that are really comprehensive and useful for businesses.

3. Apple Pay- 

You have already arrived in a wallet- less era. iOS is nowhere behind in providing you the ease to go cashless. Apple Pay makes sure that you only need a mobile phone while going out. This trend will help the users to be safe and secure about their cashless transactions.

Apple Pay

4. Siri- 

Is it even acceptable to not mention Siri in the iOS development trends list? Already residing in the hearts of every iOS gadget using costumer, Siri is all set to be the smartest digital voice assistant. In a test, Siri answered 74.6% correctly out of 800 questions. 

In iOS 12, Siri provided integration to third-party iOS apps with the name ‘Shortcuts’. So, there are clear chances that Siri is coming out to be more easy and quick. 


5. Apple Homekit-

What’s better than controlling your entire smart home with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV? 

You will be surprised to know that with Apple Homekit, you can control your smart devices of more than 50 different brands. Based on the Homekit accessories you chose, you can benefit from the excellent potential services provided by this feature. This includes smart lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, and much more. This trend is likely to upgrade in 2020.

Apple Homekit

6. Augmented Reality-

You can use augmented reality as an advanced technology for shopping and stuff. You may also use it to resolve navigation issues. AR is expected to raise between $70 billion to $75 billion by 2023.

Current services of AR are virtual try on, finding a way, product visualization, etc. There is a favorable chance of this service expanding its way in our daily life. 

Augmented Reality

7. Cloud Integration-

Cloud technology is another big advent in iOS development trends. This feature is all about storing and organizing a large amount of data. Cloud-based iOS apps are a boom as they are known to increase the productivity and effectiveness of these apps. Cloud technology is a very promising trend with the benefits of scalability, cost-effectivity, and security. 

8. iBeacon-

Before explaining how this feature is a great trend for 2020, let us break down what is iBeacon? 

So, iBeacon is a wireless transmitter that sends signals using the Bluetooth technology. This is a very promising feature with innumerous benefits. For instance, a popular clothes brand uses this feature. Now, the people passing by the proximity of their shop will be connected by sensors and will receive a notification of a shop nearby. This accelerates the chances of a person stopping by and giving a check to your service.


9. Chatbots-

A robot that chats! What’s better than this as a technology! For instance, a branded restaurant uses this feature. You can simply tell what food you want and at what time you want in the chat. Now, all you need to do is go and pick up your order at a designated time. Chatbots are easy, and a fun way to complete tasks. Moreover, its availability for 24/7 makes it the cherry on top of the cake. 

10. Wearable Devices-

All the wearable devices launched by iOS are nothing less than a gift to humanity by technology. You can easily imagine the ease that comes when the iOS features are installed in a wearable device, for instance, a watch. You can enjoy music, track your whole day, and make calls, etc. on your smartwatch.

If you wish to set up controllers to consume local or remote notifications for iOS devices, you can also use React native push notifications. This is an easy way to share updates and information. These push notifications can be sent by the users in the apps at any time. Also, the users need not be in the app to receive them. 


Hopefully, this article was of great help. iOS is all set to provide the best experience to its users in 2020. iOS has always come out with promising developments each year for a better experience. These were the top 10 trends that are expected to delight iOS users in 2020. Let us see to what extent will this prediction go? So, do not forget to check on these trends during app development in 2020.