Everyone, from small businesses to major enterprises, is turning to digital media to gain a foothold within their respective industries. Amongst the many marketing strategies, video marketing has emerged as one of the leading techniques to gain that competitive edge. As a result, one may have noticed a rise in the number of video marketing companies.

Video marketing does not have to be complicated. In fact, all you need is a creative idea, the basic equipment to create your video, and a handful of smart video marketing strategies to attract more traffic. So, you may already have items #1 and #2, but what about the third?

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top ten video marketing strategies to give you the upper hand:


Companies may dismiss the idea of using animation as it may appeal only to kids. However, never underestimate the impact and potential of using cartoons and animation! It allows you to trigger the nostalgia and engage with your clients in a more meaningful manner.

Due to its fun and entertainment value, animated videos make your business more approachable. You can use it to break down even the most complex concepts and explain them easily.

Share Bloopers

Sharing behind-the-scene snippets, bloopers, and “the making of” videos is another opportunity to connect with your audience. It makes them feel like a part of your organization and humanizes your business. You get to display the people and the efforts that go into the scripted performance, and also break the notion that everything has to be perfect.

Record Testimonials

Capturing video testimonials is a must in service sectors such as healthcare marketing strategy. While having a 1-2 line customer testimonial on your website does offer credibility to your business, videos add life to these words. 

Interview your best customers and transform the footage into brief video testimonials. In doing so, you bring your customer’s experience to life.

Optimize The Video Thumbnail

We often hear, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, we all know that first impressions are everything.

Unsurprisingly, your video thumbnail could be a major factor that determines whether the audience will play your video or not. Psychologists believe that thumbnails that have a smiling presenter making eye contact with the viewer are more likely to be played. 

Using this trick, you can make your videos more relatable. So, put in the effort to make your thumbnail attractive. Of course, avoid falling for the classic “clickbait” trap as you will only be left with miffed and displeased customers.

Add Share Buttons

Companies have started to realize that their audience can play an active role in marketing their content. Amongst the various types of content, video content is the most shared format, and businesses must not pass up on the opportunity to tap into this potential. 

Thus, pair your videos with share buttons that will allow users to cross-post the content on various platforms. Also include the embedding option for times when some other website may wish to host your video (with due credit, of course!).

Self-Promote Your Videos Shamelessly

Speaking of sharing content, one of the most overlooked aspects of video marketing presents itself in the form of asking people to share your video. While it may be obvious and you may think that it is implied, a lot of viewers may not take it as a given.

So be unafraid to ask your friends, colleagues, peers explicitly, and audiences to share the videos so that you can get it on as many platforms and as many cliques as possible! 

Make Use Of Social Media

The power of social media is no longer a secret. So businesses can now utilize it to gain maximum reach and visibility for their business. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, publish your videos on all platforms with the relevant tags.

Further, if your budget allows, invest money into promoting your videos through social media ads to gain some traction. Analyze the performance and quantify the data to locate behavior patterns and the response received from the audiences.

Highlight The Videos

It is a well-known fact that adding videos to your landing page increases the chance of converting. It adds content diversity on the page, and you can make use of SEO to promote the embedded video.

Do the same for the videos on your social media handles as well. For example, pin these videos at the top of your official Facebook page or Twitter feed. If you use Instagram, you can make this video as your highlight. 

In doing so, you are ensuring that even a casual onlooker will get hooked to your videos at the very first sight.

Go Live

Do you wish to improve the engagement of your video posts and attract more clients? Try going live! Live videos essentially market themselves, making them a clear win-win video marketing strategy.

Live videos attract a fair amount of traffic and help in grabbing your viewers’ attention. As the viewers interact with your video through comments, the reach of your video automatically increases. 

You can use your live video to pull off a publicity stunt, have a Q&A session, interview experts, thank your customers, or conduct a live product demo. The possibilities are endless! Further, you can later post the live video on various platforms.

Unleash Your Creativity

At the end of the day, the main video that you are trying to promote forms the backbone of your video marketing strategy. Naturally, for the marketing to bear any results, the video needs to be compelling enough to connect with the audiences, to make them think, and to strike a chord with them.

Most importantly, the video should stand out. Achieving this is only possible when you have a unique idea and the corresponding creativity and innovation to pull it off! Consider using editing tools that may not eat into your production budget but will deliver results by many folds!

Final Thoughts

It has been established that videos can help businesses grow. However, video marketing puts this video content on the map. 

Hence, making use of clever video marketing strategies can help businesses stand the test of time. So go ahead, capture your best videos, and show it to the world!