Love betting? You might have come across a bonus that the betting Sportsbook offers. Is it? Then you must have used it too. Do you know its type and was it suitable for you?

If this question bothers you, then we have something exciting to show. If you are interested in betting and want to know the different bonus types, follow us!

Here, we will be listing down the Betting bonuses types you need to know before stepping into the betting world in 2021. Check out these fantastic bonuses that you are likely to get and enjoy your game.

10 Types of Betting Bonuses

Cash Signup Bonuses

Sports betting sites offer them to allure more players who would play on their site. What happens here is that when you sign up and make the first deposit, the site offers you a certain percentage of that deposited amount.

This additional amount that you get increases your fund so that you can play better and bet more. You can understand it this way that if you deposit $200, you either get $100 or $200 in addition to your deposit from the site.

Free Bet bonuses

If you have placed quite a decent number of bets and have met the wagering requirements, another type of bonus stands on your doorstep. When you avail of this bonus, you can start your bet without making any deposits for it.

If you win the game, you get the money, which is an addition to your deposit account. By any chance, if you lose, you won’t be losing your money. Hence, by availing of such bonuses, you can play the games without the fear of losing.

Reload bonuses

After you have successfully signed in to the site, these bonuses are offered to you and get you started with your game. Such reload bonuses appear during some special promotions on a few sites.

Many other sites offer these bonuses regularly to keep their players encouraged and help them in their gameplay. It is just like the signup bonus, but the percentage of the amount you get is less.

If you are good at betting, you can check out such exciting betting bonuses in Uganda that offer you multiple bonuses that keep you thrilled. 

Loyalty Bonuses

When you are good at your gameplay and betting, the site keeps a constant check on you. It then starts offering you rewards and bonuses whenever you make a deposit to bet. Since you are their good and loyal customer, they reward you for the same.

By retaining you, they are likely to perform well overall and gain more customers. Hence, they provide you loyalty bonuses, redeemed either as free bets or cash to keep betting when accumulated to a redeemable extent.

Loss Bonuses

Everybody in this world knows the feeling after you lose something. You might also opt to step out of the site and never return. Not only will it be your loss but also of that site. 

Hence, many sports betting sites offer a percentage of the amount you lost, and this amount is known as the loss bonus. You gain this bonus when you have back to back loses.  

It is an excellent method to retain you on the site and cheer you up to give your best in the future and win more rewards by winning the bets. 

No deposit bonuses

If you are a new bettor and want to check the genuineness and functionality of the sports betting site you are opting for, you can always look for a no deposit bonus.

Many popular sites offer these bonuses that do not require you to deposit any money to your account when you are playing for the first time. This bonus has some amount of money that is deposited in your bank.

This bonus encourages more bettors to join them and provides a sense of reliability on their services.

Match Play bonus

A match play bonus is like a one-time use coupon that you get in stores. After you have met the wagering requirements and a few other thresholds, some amount is deposited to your account from the site.

You can use this amount to place the bets and get rewards depending on the event’s gameplay.

High roller bonus

Have a large bankroll? The sites have special roller bonuses for you. If you can bet larger amounts, you get some bonus deposits from the sites that increase your bankroll even more. It is mainly for encouraging your betting game and keeping you motivated.

Money-back Bonus

Here, you can place a bet up to a specific limit that is decided by the bookmaker. If you win the game, you get the entire amount that is specified.

But the best part here is, even if you lose, you get some percentage of the specified amount. Great, isn’t it? With this bonus in use, you won’t return empty-handed.

Additional bonuses

There are other betting bonuses like the ones you get on special promotions or events. You can earn rewards on referrals or by participating in specific competitions. 

These bonuses keep cropping up repeatedly so that you don’t get bored with the betting game.