For businesses using social media as a marketing platform, tracking social signs is critical in assessing their engagement with the reader. While there are different metrics that could tell you a lot of different things concerning your audience and your business, social signs stands out as a key way to determine your brand exposure. Tracking social signs enables business owners to know how the consumer is responding to their brand, or how viral they have become with their audience. It’s also a way for other users to see how well other users respond to a business and possibly influence future consumers. Here are a few tools to help you determine just how discoverable your business is.


This is a great tool to analyse and monitor your Facebook pages. It provides important metrics around each post and can give you insight as to which posts perform best. Buzzsumo also lets you know what kind of content engages best with your consumers, how long your posts should be, and what time to post, and weekly or monthly statistics on performance.

How sociable

This is a great tool that comes in handy when you want to know your and the competition’s social media presence. It’s free account will enable you to track 12 social media platforms, while it’s paid pro account will help you monitor over 24 accounts including WordPress,  Pinterest,  Facebook and many more. This tool gives you the scores for different platforms letting you know which ones are doing well and which ones could do with some improvements.


Mention gives you a worldwide view of your content. The tool is equipped to monitor sources from 42 languages across the board helping you be in the know of any of your brand mentions across multiple social media networks, blogs, news sites, discussion forums or any other website. Mention will also help you assign tasks to your team members, Share Company alerts and monitors your team members’ activities. Exported mentions and reports created from this can help you keep track of your media presence over as period of time and make any necessary adjustments to your marketing efforts.

Board reader

Social media isn’t all about your feed, forums and messaging boards, it also plays a big role. Boardreader enables you to search for certain keywords specific to your brand on forums and messaging boards to see what other people or the completion is saying about you. Once you type in the keyword or keywords, the app will give a list of posts that have been put up within the last two years and are related to that particular keyword and therefore your business. It can also generate charts, so you can see trends over the years and compare them to each other. It’s an excellent tool to discover conversations about your brand and possibly your competition.

Google Alert

With Google alert you can scour the web looking for mentions of your brand or completion, as well as new content or trends within your industry. This tool is easy to set up and understand making it ideal for businesses that are just starting out and want to get a solid start. Once you set up Google alert, you will receive email notifications if there is a mention of a topic that is interesting to you in various sources including blogs, news sites, and social media platforms and so on.

Sum All

This is a cross platform social media monitoring tool that helps you understand and bridge the gap across your various social media channels. It’s ideal for small business that have established a vast social media presence spread out across different channels. The user interface provides you with extensive metrics on all your accounts with timely email updates. SumAll offers accurate statistics either weekly or monthly, which you can the use to track your progress and make necessary changes to put you on top of the lead board.

Small SEO Toolz

This is a site that provides over 50 different tools for various functions. If you are looking for a simple tools with multiple functions, this is an excellent option. It’s social signal checker records the number of Facebook comments, likes and shares, retweets, LinkedIn shares, Pinterest pins and so much more.