These apps, platforms, and services help small and medium-sized businesses stay ahead of the curve in digital.

Almost every company is facing the issue of digital transformation today. This means reimagining your brand in order to compete and succeed in an increasingly digital world. 

This transformation represents one of the greatest risks and at the same time, the greatest opportunities faced by organizations. While a true digital transformation is not only about technology – it is also a change of mindset that may challenge the traditions on which the brand was built – the right tools can help. 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of them.

What Does Digital Transformation Mean?

Digital transformation is a complete change in the forms, appearance, and manner in which the company uses digital technology. This rethinking and recreating of business is digital transformation.

Bringing artificial intelligence into your service organization is one of the digital transformation examples. AI-driven chatbots can not only assist your customers instantly but also save them from the hassle of going through long IVR menus before they can speak with a human.

Another example of the power of digital transformation is moving from manual to digitised movie production. Imagine how the company would be doing if they still used the pencil-and-paper process?

Below are a few essential digital transformation apps, platforms, and services that every enterprise should have in their shed. 

  • Google Workplace

Communication is the Alpha and Omega of business on any scale. 

And since you are achieving digital modernization, you should consider digital enhancements to your communication too. 

Google Workplace (formerly Google G Suit) includes a set of digital transformation tools – from Gmail to Drive to Calendar – that allow companies to facilitate communication between employees while making collaboration more productive and efficient. 

  • Grid Dynamics

Each organization’s digital transformation journey is unique. However, there is a predictable path that most companies follow on the way toward true digital transformation:

  • Creating a differentiated and competitive experience that attracts new customers and keeps them coming back. 
  • Designing scalable backend infrastructures.
  • Building a strong data analytics platform architecture.
  • Using Agile co-creation to jump-start adoption of new technologies and Agile-plus-DevOps processes. 

Achieving digital transformation to be productive and competitive requires attracting a new type of strategic partner. Agile co-creation partnerships are one of the best manners for enterprises to partner with vendors as they allow big enterprises to improve their customers’ experience while digitizing their operations.

Grid Dynamics helps enterprises experience digital transformation and is named as a leader among midsize agile development service providers. 

The company delivers more than software. It also allows internal teams to learn new ways of working by watching and doing, not merely by sitting in classes. Grid Dynamics offers close collaboration from digital transformation consulting to early prototypes to enterprise-scale delivery of new digital platforms.

It helps its customers to achieve comprehensive agility using cloud services, continuous delivery, process automation, and decision sciences.

  • Adobe Experience Manager

Digital transformation touches every part of an organization. In order to support the process, companies should make sure they are using Digital Experience Management to ensure every app is available, functional, fast, and efficient across every channel.

Adobe Experience Manager integrates content management systems and digital asset management to organize what you know about your audience and turn these insights into actions. Beyond that, the tool simplifies the distribution of content across several channels, and personalizes these contents to the customer’s device, to build better relationships with the customers. 

An Easy Choice

Every company during its digital transformation has various goals and needs. Thus, your digital transformation tools will not be limited to the ones we have mentioned. 

However, these are crucial for almost every case of technology adoption. The core thing you need to remember during this process is to track progress and not to expect overnight success. True digital transformation takes time, patience, and a range of activities.