Online safety is essential, especially from malicious elements. When you surf the internet your system is vulnerable to hackers and your IP address can easily be traced. Your IP address is like your digital identity. It is the flare by which you can be spotted by other computers on the internet. Most people do not bother with internet security as they feel they have no need for it. Why do we need internet safety anyway?

There are numerous reasons why your IP address should be kept private, a few of these reasons include; evading web trackers, bypassing restricted web territories unseen, evade bans and stay invisible online.  If you are in need of a cloaking mechanism for your IP address there are great options for you to explore. You do not have to be a computer genius to be able to hide your IP address online. Here are a few suggestions to getting your IP address off the grid.

Best ways to hide your IP address online

1. Virtual Private Networks

A VPN is an online service that gives you complete security and the ability to surf through restricted spaces on the internet completely undetected. When you subscribe for a VPN service provider, your IP address becomes customized and you have the ability to choose any location that you want your computer to display. VPN services also provide a high speed bandwidth and technical support. There are 3 main composition of a Virtual private Network, these are;

  • A Security Protocol

This security system shields any information shared through the server. It does this by creating a secure connection that encrypts the data being exchanged.

  • Encryption standard

This is a tool that guards your information from being read. If your shared data was to fall into the hands of others the data would be encrypted and so would make no meaning to them.

  • Servers 

A VPN service provides you with servers which will serve as a midpoint between your system and external information providing servers.

What should you expect from a VPN?

  • Show blocked content

you have the ability to access certain blocked or restricted sections of the internet; this could range from secure office data to accessing files that are banned by your geographic location.

  • Customizes your IP

your IP address stays hidden from everyone

  • Data encryption

your data is transferred in codes that cannot be deciphered.

2. Tor Browser software

This is free software that can be downloaded online and used to secure your data exchange. It is used by millions of people in various countries, especially countries with certain bans on internet access. Tor is a browser like any other browser; the difference is that when you go online and search for any information it hides your IP address from any other system. This software is completely free and comes with a high degree of encryption.

3. Public and Workplace WIFI

One neat trick with staying invisible online is that you can simply use other people’s Wi-Fi and stay undetected. This is most popular when you go to cafes or areas with business Wi-Fi. When you connect to the Wi-Fi your IP address changes and you would be difficult to find…well… unless of course you decide to give out your information online by making purchases with your credit card and other activities that can be traced to you. However, in the absence of such implicating transactions, public Wi-Fi is the way to go.

Other internet safety tips

Always use firewalls

These are blockers that ensure that external systems do not have access to your computer. It is extremely necessary especially for homes with iOTs. The firewalls block unauthorized access, keeping your computer and other devices safe from hacking.

Secure your network

This can easily be done with the aid of a router that encrypts password. You can also create very intricate passwords that would not easily be breached.

Do not over-share

Be cautious of the information you share online as these can be used to target your system and can leave you vulnerable.

Make sure all your software is constantly updated, stay alert and pay attention to details. With these few tips you can definitely secure your system from prying eyes.