The current pandemic situation has proven to be a game-changer globally. Not only has it drastically changed our personal lives, it has also irreversibly impacted our professional lives. 

The new work-from-home culture is on the rise and has slowly become the new normal. As a result, all the meetings, discussions, and other activities are now carried out virtually. 

There are many advantages to virtual meetings and discussions. You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to take part in a small conference or negotiation. It saves you time, money and gives you the confidence to fare yourself properly in front of your team and potential clients. 

Virtual negotiations have become a standard procedure throughout the corporate environment. Once you get acquainted with the dynamics of virtual negotiations, you can execute flawless negotiations successfully. 

Considering the increasing need for virtual negotiations, many virtual negotiation training programs have been introduced for entrepreneurs. You can take part in these programs and train yourself aptly. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that many virtual negotiation training programs include in their arsenal: 

Focus on establishing Rapport

Firstly, do not rush to the crux of the conversation. Greetings and small talk are an unsaid expectation and are considered polite. Start the process by greeting your potential clients or partners and strike a conversation with them to make them feel comfortable.

Remember, small talk is a building block for establishing rapport. Discuss things such as the background of other people, how the current pandemic is affecting their lives, their family lives, etc. 

You can also find a common ground of discussion and then form a smooth base for your further negotiation talk.

Ensure hygienic surroundings

Everything that surrounds you communicates something about you. People who treat their place of work as a shrine make a strong impression. Thus, ensure your setup is impeccable.

Arrange the space properly. Make sure your sitting area is clean, you have ample lighting around your surroundings, there are no distracting backgrounds, and it is void of any noises or disturbances. 

Pay attention to your body language

Another aspect to focus on to pull off a successful negotiation with your clients is to focus on your body language. Building trust with your clients is essential. 

Maintain proper eye contact with them. Ensure to look only into the camera to establish eye contact. Sit straight and speak loud enough so they can hear you easily. Just because they are not physically in front of you doesn’t mean they are not closely paying attention to you. Do not seem fidgety and maintain composure at all times.

Avoid multitasking

No, you cannot multitask during a virtual call or meeting. Checking the emails, replying to texts, or any such activities is a big turn-off. It will make your clients feel unattended and insulted. Thus, do not distract yourself and focus only on the task at hand. 

Talk about the positives of the negotiation

Why are you carrying out this negotiation and what advantage it will serve to both the parties must be discussed during the meeting. Focusing on the positives sets a tone of willingness to come to a mutual conclusion and also allows for a middle ground to be found easily.

While talking about the positives, do not try to oversell. It is famously known as going past the sale. Always remember – your attempt should look convincing, not desperate. 

Let them talk

Do not be the only talker in the negotiation. Give everyone the equal opportunity to talk and present their thoughts in the discussion. 

Remember to reciprocate when spoken to and do not interrupt them while they speak . Even if you disagree with their approach, reply politely. 

Follow up

Once the negotiation conference comes to an end, do not forget to follow up immediately with an email to summarize the results of the negotiation. You can request the other party to confirm the agreement of the virtual discussion that you have concluded with them. 


Many virtual negotiation training programs also suggest preparing yourself exactly how you will prepare for the real-life negotiation as there isn’t a big difference between the two. Also use the video conferencing tool before the real negotiation takes place.

We hope you keep all these points in mind and practice well. All the best!