Our dog becomes an important part of our life with time and when we decide to move into an out new home, how can we forgot our dog. If you have found your new home and planning to move then you should start planning in a way that you can also transfer your dog with you. To transfer your dog with ease, you should have a proper plan for it. As per iMoving.com local moving companies, you should start preparing a plan when you make the decision to move with your dog.

Animals are territorial and they don’t like the change just like humans therefore the move will be difficult for your pet as well. The moving process itself is really very chaotic and when you have to move with your pet then it becomes even huge and a very complex task. Have a look at certain things that helps you to move easily with your pet.

  1. First, prepare your dog for the change  

  • You should start preparing your dog a few days before the move for the change. You should start giving just two-third of the meal so that during the shipment of the dog, he does not have a full tummy.
  • When you are transferring the dog in an aero-plane then make sure the dog is microchipped and have the proper ID tags so that you can find your dog even when the one gets lost during the transfer.
  • When it is a long move, it is important to take your dog to the veterinarian to know any advice regarding the long transfer journey of the dog. The veterinarian will provide the vaccination and will help you in preparing the dog for the move.
  • To make the transfer comfortable for your dog, you should use the same carrier to transport in which he loves to sit and relax at home. You can also provide him the same treats that he loves to eat. Use these treats into his carrier to make him feel at ease and comfortable during the shipment.
  • Don’t forget to take the papers of the medical history of your dog and find a new veterinarian at the new place before you head to the move.
  1. Let your pet get familiar with new surroundings 

If it is a short distance move and you could visit the new home with your dog, then you should take your dog a few times there before the move so that your dog will get familiar with the surroundings. If there are dog parks, then visit the dog park with your dog near your new home and this is also a great place for you where you can meet new friends.

  1. Research about the veterinarian at the new place 

It is recommended you research the veterinarian at the new place before you reach there. Of course, chances are that your pet will feel low there at the new place in the new surroundings where everything is new to him. So, after reaching there, you might need a veterinarian for your dog. That is why it is recommended you to research about the one before you reach there at your new home. You should also make a visit to the clinic before any emergency comes because it will help you to know the kind of services the veterinarian offer and whether you find yourself comfortable there and the clinic is just the right for your dog.

  1. Pack all the things of your dog separately 

It is recommended you pack all the items of the bat separately such as the bowls, and blankets of your pet. So that when you reach there at your new home you can easily unpack all the items soon and your pet can feel familiar with the things present around him. Having the toys around along with his other items will make him feel better at the new place.

  1. Keep the old routine

There are a lot of changes associated with the move itself which makes it very stressful for pet. That is why it is important to keep his general routine maintained as same as it was before. Take care of your pet as much as it is possible and keep the same schedule in terms of meals, walks, and potty breaks. The more you can stick to the pet’s schedule, the better he will feel.

Wrapping it all up!!!

It is not possible to eliminate the stress of such a big change in your dog’s life. But if you put effort then you can make it quite comfortable for your dog. Make sure the dog does not feel very stressed. The entire process of the move goes seamlessly smoother for everyone including your dog if you have a good plan and strategy in your hands and you execute everything in the same way.