When you first launch your startup, you will want to get your brand out there in front of your targeted audience as soon as possible. The trouble with that, however, is you’re not just competing with the industry you are in, but with all the other marketing and advertising messages your prospects are being bombarded with each day. Not to mention, you most likely don’t have the money to invest a whole lot into digital marketing since you are just starting out. So, what should an entrepreneur do?

Know Yourself

It’s essential that you not just know your business, but actually know yourself as well. Really take the time to fully grasp your industry and become an expert in everything that you and your business represent. Your products or services need to be unique, special and truly stand apart from other businesses selling similar products or services. You should have a crystal clear mission and clear values in how you conduct business and from this point; you should be able to start seeing the framework for positioning your brand.

Know your Audience

Who will you benefit with your offer? You have to determine who is even in the market for what you are offering. Become clear and let your audience know exactly who you are targeting whether it be teenagers, women or just single men.

Content is Always King

Among the most overlooked investments when first launching a startup is content marketing. It is how you convey your brand message. If the content you put out there is not a well-formulated, clear message, you will no doubt struggle to succeed. When crafting your message, it’s important that you really think about what you are trying to get across with it. You should not simply throw messages out there and hope they work. In order to brand your startup effectively, you need to do some industry research and come up with unique selling propositions. Sell benefits with your messages rather than features.

Leverage Infographics

In the past few years, Infographics have become a big part of the content generated and shared on social media. There is a simple reason for this. They incorporate both the power of a text-based interface and a graphical presentation in order to grab the attention of the reader and draw them to the content. This is a far more effective method than traditional content.

Social Networking Channels

Over the dozens of social media channels, there are hundreds of millions of users and as a startup, the time you dedicate to social media is essential. Realize you won’t be able to cover all potential avenues and by understanding this you will be able to come to grips with it. Research your target demographic and see where it dwells to see which social media networks you should be working on. Once you figure this out, focus on those alone.

Go Completely Digital

Some founders in the industry have success with old school marketing techniques and continue to implement them because they are what they are comfortable with. But, since today’s world is a digital one, marketers will benefit most by implementing ‘digital’ into their strategies since it allows them access to a worldwide reach and it’s much more affordable.

Research the Culture

Culture is not only about the language, it’s also about the culture when marketing. It’s too easy to create a marketing campaign that is offensive in another country and not even realize it. Be sure you know both the language and the culture before you delve into this territory.

Be Visible

It’s essential that you get your business and brand out there and become visible online and to the community so people can find you, learn about your business and do business with you. A business website is perfect for this, however, it won’t do you any good if you are not taking the time to get creative and come up with an attractive design that will draw in the crowd. The three basics: create an appealing design, come up with a compelling offer and ensure all contact details are easily available.