Aspiring students are always struggling to get everything right so they get into the perfect college and while there are tons of tests that you need to take you also need to make sure that you have the perfect essay ready in order to submit to the college along with all your other certificates and documents. If you’re not confident with your writing skills then you can always consider hiring professional college essay writers to write the essay for you, but if you want to do it on your own these tips could help you create a good one.


College admissions can be extremely stressful and the one area where students mess up is with the essay. While some students have a clear idea of what they are going to write, some just go on and on regarding a random topic. When this happens, they will eventually run out of ideas and start repeating their statements in different forms. This begins to sound extremely repetitive and will not manage to keep the evaluator engaged at all. Students should also avoid writing too many types of fillers as these display lack of confidence and lack of clear thinking as well.

Vague Messages

When you write an essay one of the most essential factors that you need to focus on is to ensure that your essay has a clear message for those reading it. Try to avoid fluff words into your essay since this makes it look very casual and incomplete.

Take your time to read out each sentence to make sure it belongs on the essay. If you’re not too sure about what it means re-phrase it till it has a clear message. Don’t keep very l0ng sentences, this is will confuse you. Make the statements short, clear and precise.

Incorporating Clichés

This is something that every student does. There are a number of clichés that are used in everyday lives. However these clichés can never be part of a college essay. Clichés such as ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’ and ‘one in a million’ hardly display brilliance and creative thinking. Repeating words that you hear on a daily basis is easy and anyone can do that. A college wants a student that can be innovative and be able to make the most of their real life experiences. Too many clichés in an essay will make the essay sound very boring.

Passive Voice

There’s no harm is using passive voice in your essays, but you need to know when it stop and how not to overdo it. While a lot of people believe that passive voice is a grammatical error and it is not right to use it the truth is that there could be sentences that will need passive voice and using it then is perfectly right. When using passive voice, make sure you write complete sentences so that there is no confusion with regards to anything that is written.

Usage Of Verbs

People usually underestimate the power of verbs in essays. Students usually get hassled when they have to write an essay in a limited time period and this is when they select the wrong verbs. Every sentence can be completed with two or more verbs. The verb that you use can determine how powerful or capturing the statement can be. Some verbs make a sentence sound over written and these verbs just play the role of fillers. Some verbs such as ‘to be’ take out the energy from your essay as well. The choice of verbs can definitely make your essay sound even more powerful.