As we all know how important it is that you maintain and keep the machines that you work on in top shape. Here, having a high-quality ball transfer unit and the other parts that are compatible and credible really helps, along with that we are here with some of the best tips and recommendations that you can follow in order to improve the overall life and efficiency of your machines. This way you can easily avoid those expensive breakdowns and grow your business at a steady pace. 

1. Machine Operation Training 

If you are talking about heavy machinery, you might have to deal with multiple operators taking care of the machine. And despite using heavy duty ball transfer units and other credible parts constant inspection of these machines is really necessary. 

Moreover, when it comes to large machinery, you should invest proper time in its inspection and start with the operations training there, as different people might operate the machine which can lead to faster breakdowns. 

Additionally, in order to improve the life and efficiency of the machine, the operations manual should be constantly upgraded for all the possible situations making it really easier for the operator. Besides that, taking care of your machine and practising all the healthy operating habits will ensure longer life of the machine. 

2. Lubrication Of All The Relevant Parts

Lubricants are used to reduce the friction of any moving part in a machine. Scheduling regular sessions of lubrication for your machine is how you can ensure a longer life and efficient performance from the machine. 

While doing maintenance checks, you should be looking for different signs such as presence of excess oil or build-up of grease around the moving parts of the machine. To deal with all these issues, a compatible and high-quality lubricant is really vital. And for that, you can check out the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

Also, it is really important that you hire professionals if you are not sure about this lubrication part. 

3. Signs Of Wear And Tear

Due to continuous shocks, vibrations, movements, temperature variations, and friction we see a breakdown of certain parts in machines. Here, vibrations can come from different gears and belts that are out of alignment in the machine, if someone who is not familiar with the operations of machine handles it, the poor handling might result in shocks. Similarly, continuous and prolonged use of these machines might cause the high temperature inside the machine damaging different parts.

In case you come across any defective part while using your machine, you should take immediate action towards it and replace those faulty parts as soon as you can. Additionally, you should be using high-quality parts that are much better in the long run when compared with cheap parts. 

4. Importance Of Your Surroundings

Since there are multiple seals and air filters in heavy machines, it is quite important that you keep checking them at regular intervals of time in order to get replace the filters that are too dusty for the machine. Moreover, in order to keep these filters clean and functional for longer periods, you need to keep the surrounding area clean and free from dust and other particles. If you are not using the machine for long periods of time, you need to make sure to start it periodically to keep all the internal parts in good shape. 

5. Prepare Maintenance And Repair Records

Considering the fact that there are tons of moving parts and systems in both big and small machines, keeping a record of the maintenance and repairs is how you can ensure that you can take proper care of your machines. Here, some of the most important parts to look at are power transmission, friction material, the drive train components, bearing, and other moving parts. Keeping a record of all this is how you can keep your machine in the best condition. 


As you follow the mentioned 5 steps, you can easily extend the life of your machine and save a lot of money on their maintenance and get a better return on your investment. With the global expansion of business, all the heavy machinery is how you can significantly grow your business.