Today, there’s much ado about social media sites. Instagram, in particular, is one of the rising stars in the social media platform. In addition to using Instagram to post photos, curated content, and short videos, it’s also now utilized for business purposes.

There are many ways to use Instagram for commercial use. For some, they use Instagram to post photos of their products or services that they have for sale. Others also use Instagram as a means to promote their brand.

Promoting one’s brand in Instagram is an effective method. So, if you’re interested to learn more about how you can do the same for your business, keep reading through below.

1. Set Up An Optimized Business Account

Because your purpose here is to promote your brand identity, it’s a must that you’ll separate your business’ Instagram account from that of your personal one. Even when you’re still starting your business or if you’re running your business all by yourself, it’s always an advantage to have an Instagram business account.

Remember that your marketing campaign focuses on gaining more audience for your business. If you keep your business account together with that of your personal Instagram account, it’s going to be difficult for you to go along with the branding process. For instance, your followers will find it difficult to differentiate posts that are related to your business from those that are simply your personal posts.

2. Have A Strong Focus On Your Content

Content marketing is always key. Regardless of what kind of strategy you have, you can do no wrong with content marketing, especially when you’re in the pursuit of building and promoting your brand.

Since your focus is on Instagram, it’s imperative to take into consideration the kind of content that hits well with Instagram. Generally, the focus is on images and videos.

That said, here are some tips on how you can push for better content on your Instagram account:

Experiment on what will work the best for your audience or your target market.

Publish new content at least once a day. This way, you’re able to effectively create that better recall in the minds of your followers.

Post links on your Instagram account to a new website or blog posts that you may have for your business website.

Publish people-centered content. This means regularly posting photos of people using your products and services

With posting people-centered content, you’re also creating a sneaky means of getting more comments on Instagram. How so? Because this gets other Internet users more interested in your products. The inquiries will keep on coming, flooding your comment section. In this kind of positive situation, you’re effectively making your Instagram posts become even more popular.

3. Include Your Website Link On Your Bio Section

If you still have very few Instagram followers, for the time being, there’s only one place on your Instagram account that you can post a link, which is in your bio section. As small as that space may be, it’s still beneficial to drive more traffic to your business’ website. In doing so, you’re able to associate your Instagram account as that which belongs to your brand and that which is connected to your website.

Of course, this is provided that you already have a business website up and running. Generally, if you wish to excel even more and be competitive in terms of digital marketing, a website is something that you should also definitely have.

4. Cross-Promote On Different Social Media Sites

Even when your focus is on Instagram, it also pays to cross-promote across different social media sites. By this, it means that as you post new content on Instagram, post the same content also on your other social media sites. That way, you’re getting more returns on your Instagram post, bringing more traffic in.

With cross-promotion, you’re also able to effectively maximize the reach a single post can make. If may sound time-consuming, but, for all of the returns that it can bring, it’s going to be worth all that extra effort.


With Instagram’s rapid growth and evolution in the past years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is, in fact, a very effective social media website. The followers grow, and even the users in this platform in itself, are also multiplying by the day.

Now that you have these tips to learn from and be inspired by, all you have left to do now is to apply these tips to your business.