After you have launched your SaaS marketing agency, it might take a short time before you get your first client. But once you do, it can feel a little overwhelming. Even if you know what to do, the deer in the headlights feeling has hit many small business owners. Like your driving test, you ‘know’ how to drive, but you have to show it in your practical test. 

So, here are some tips for you to work through, or refer back to when you get your first client as a new SaaS marketing agency on the scene. 

Go Deep

Not all marketing strategies are made equal. SaaS has so many layers, and you are going to have to really hunker down to understand the business. While most companies have an obvious market, SaaS will likely have multiple markets and more segments within those niches. In order to succeed here, you will have to be prepared to build a campaign for each of those segments. 

Go in-depth about what their product does, who their target audience is, and who they are currently selling to. For added knowledge,  ask if you can try their software for yourself too.

Ultimately, the more information you have, the better you can work with your SaaS client. 


While you are on the journey to go through everything about the company and their services, it  would also make sense if you simultaneously look into what they have previously done in terms of marketing. For one, you should find out what their paid advertisement or organic marketing efforts have looked like, or if they have even been pursued at all.

From this information, you can see their costs, targeting, and unearth issues too. You can then build a new strategy that avoids their previous roadblocks, or makes necessary adjustments. 

Because you have spent so much time on the deep learning of the company and their previous strategy, you will be able to put a strategy in place that will drive meaningful traffic faster. 


Don’t let the relationship devolve and stagnate into the typical client and outside hire. Instead, work with the SaaS client in a hands-on way. Teamwork is invaluable in SaaS companies due to the speed of growth and the interconnection of multiple sectors. Having a more personal relationship will mean when the typical marketing/sales friction appears, it can be smoothed over and worked out much quicker. 


The more you have to offer a SaaS company, the more value you bring to the table. Fast-growing companies need extra services at a huge volume. Most marketing companies have a range of things they can offer. Don’t hold back when you know you can plug a gap. This is in part about the team, and in part, about billables. 

To do this, you should be able to design tools and have a pool of freelancers or your own team that you can rely on to complete various marketing tasks. You also need to be able to help design or optimize landing pages, as these are part and parcel of any marketing efforts. You should also show when you can see there is more marketing efforts that could be beneficial to the SaaS client you are working with. You should then work to offer those assets and services on top of the package you’re already providing.

Manage Expectations

It is essential that both you and your new SaaS client know what to expect and what not to expect. SaaS clients often have aggressive and rapid goals, and you will be expected to be able to cope with the pressure to meet them. Have them laid on the table and built into your deliverables agreement as well. Have a walk-jog-run mindset in the space of 90 days;  this means after 90 days you are up to speed and running at their pace.