The latest statistics reveal that online marketing expenditure will account for 46% of the total global advertising spend, according to a report on Orbelo. Investing in digital marketing is one of the best ways to survive in an era where digitalization has dominated almost all sectors of the economy. Small businesses, in particular, need to implement innovative online marketing strategies to boost visibility and growth. However, to surpass competitors, you must learn how to leverage business with digital marketing strategies. Most importantly, know how to work with current online trends. Below are some tips for staying on top of digital marketing innovation. 

Don’t Try To Outsmart Search Engines

To succeed in digital marketing, you must provide valuable information based on algorithms set by Google and other search engines. So, make sure to organically include terms your website visitors use when searching for your business. As a rule of thumb, don’t fill your content with keywords to boost search engine optimization. You might end up turning off potential clients. 

Other SEO best practices worth your time entail creating an easy-to-navigate site, optimizing images, boosting page loading speed, and optimizing for mobile search. While it’s possible to do SEO on your own, it’s wise to consult a digital marketing firm specializing in search engine optimization. Professional digital marketers will help create an SEO strategy and a measurement plan to ensure marketing success through data analytics. 

Evaluate Content Performance

Measuring your content performance is key to improve your company’s digital marketing strategy. If you fail to evaluate your content, it will be difficult to tell if it’s serving the intended purpose. You’ll also have difficulty determining how your target audience receives it or whether anyone is reading it. To ensure you analyze content appropriately, set goals, pick the right metrics, and decide what changes you need to make based on developing trends. 

Automate Social Media

Meeting the demands of social media marketing can be overwhelming, especially for small business marketers. Fortunately, you can win by automating your social media marketing with the help of tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Buzzsumo, and Hubspot. Social media automation helps you develop an effective content plan, so you’re always prepared to post engaging content. However, don’t rely on social media automation tools to write social media posts. Experts recommend using them for scheduling, reporting, and generating content ideas only. 

Given that competition in the business environment is fierce, adopting innovative digital marketing tactics can help level the playing field. All you need to do is understand ways to leverage online marketing with your business. Then, focus on staying on top of digital marketing innovation by automating social media, investing in SEO, and assessing content performance.