Starting a shoe and boot repair service can be challenging, especially for someone new to the business. The business requires some steps to make sure the services offered will satisfy the needs of the customer. A shoe repair service specializes in restoring high-quality footwear by replacing heels and soles, repairing worn seams, and eliminating discoloration caused by exposure to the elements. A shoe repair service can extend to repairing and restoring belts, purses, and other leather accessories as well. Below are all the steps and facts you need to know when considering starting a shoe and boot repair service.

Plan Your Shoe and Boot Repair Business

A good plan is vital for success as an entrepreneur. It helps you find the products you need for your project as well as evaluate the cost for the startup.

The Costs Involved in Opening a Shoe Repair Business

The cost of opening a shoe repair business varies according to the space required to perform the repairs and store the neccessary supplies. You can go through a successful shoe repair shop and take a tour to see what it contains. To reduce cost, you might partner with another business, such as a shoe and clothing store. The costs of the products you buy, including materials, tools, and machinery will range depending on where you source them from and their quality (new or refurbished).

Ongoing Expenses for a Shoe and Boot Repair Business

The expenses for a shoe and boot repair service include supplies such as heels, soles, leather, and dyes, as well as electricity costs and maintenance costs of machinery and equipment. Other expenses are shipping costs, if applicable, as well as telephone and website maintenance costs. The majority of your costs will most likely go towards the rental space, which is required to store equipment and complete repairs.

The Target Market

Before starting, consider your target market. This will help you to evaluate popular types of shoes and boots that might need repairing. High-quality footwear is often preferred for repairs, but it is likely that you may have to repair other types of shoes too. Rugged work boots, for example, are expensive and often require resoling to make them last longer. Other customers might bring shoes that are no longer being manufactured and they find it essential to preserve the ones they have. 

Understanding How the Shoe and Boot Repair Service Can Make Money

A shoe and boot repair company make money by charging a fee for the time and materials that are used to repair and restore shoes and other leather accessories. The repair prices vary according to the work and amount of care needed, and the materials necessary to make the repairs. You should also consider the prices of other companies, so you don’t end up overcharging or under-pricing your clients. 

The annual income of a repair business can vary from $22000 to $25000 however, profits can vary depending on location and other factors.

How to Make Your Shoe Repair Business More Profitable

When investing in shoe repairs, you should know there are ways you can make your business more profitable. One of them is by creating offers and discounts for potential customers. You can also create some services like waterproofing and shoe shining that can benefit everyone, regardless of the cost of their footwear. Researching the existing entities around this will help you understand these services and you can use them to make your business stand out.

You might also consider collaborating with designers and attending fashion shows where people might require your services.

  • Choosing a Name for Your Business

Choosing the right name for your business is vital but challenging. As a sole proprietor, it is recommended to operate under a business that is different from your own name. An excellent company name can attract new customers.

  • Form a Legal Entity

Establishing a legal entity protects you from being sued personally if your business is being sued. Consider making it a limited liability company or a corporation.

  • Register for Taxes

Starting a business entity means you are required to register for a variety of state and federal taxes before you can open your shop.

  • Open a Business Bank Account and Credit Card

For the business to boom and to keep your finances safe and accountable, you will need to open a bank account. This will also allow customers to make payments easily via credit card. It is not recommended to mix your personal bank account with your business one, as if your company gets sued, you will be at risk of losing your personal assets.

  • Get the Necessary Permits and Licenses

You need to get the required permits for establishing a business, as failure to do so will lead to hefty fines, which can cause your business to be shut down.

Take Away!

The shoe and boot repair industry is profitable, but you will need to make sure you have all the certifications and permits required before starting out with your business.