For newbies, online gaming can get a little intimidating and confusing as there are tons of things that any players should get acquainted with before they start their online gaming session. That is why we are here with some of the most practical and helpful tips for all the newbies out there in the online gaming community. 

1. Having Fun With With Your Friends/Random Players

This may seem obvious when it comes to playing games online, but you will be surprised to see how many experience gamers have forgotten about it. The main reason why we play games is to have fun and provide stimulation to our brains. In order to maximize this fun, you can add your friend and play with them online. There are several games that allow you to play with and against your friends with ease.

As a player, you should just go out there on the internet and try out all the different games that you like. There is no need to stress over your performance in a game at all, as this is just the beginning, and you will surely grow over time. 

2. Play The Games Your Like

Most of the players out there associate online gaming with FPS or MMORPGs like Fortnite, Call Of Duty, or PUBG. However, there are millions of other options online when it comes to games. For instance, if you are like casino games, then you just have to visit sites like and start with the games that you like. There is no need for you to go with the flow and play only popular games that are there in the market.

3. Getting Familiar With The Game

The newbie sin committed by most of the players is that they just rush into the game they find interesting. This is common with FPS and MMORPGs. It is vital for any player to learn more about the game that they are interested in before they start with it online. 

There are online gaming communities and blogs that you can visit in order to learn about the gameplay, back story, and the best tips that can help you with games in the long run. Additionally, you can also watch the stream of the game to get a good look at the inside of the game. 

4. Slow And Steady With The Game

This factor will entirely depend on the game that you are looking at along with your personal skills. If you are a professional player you can skip the tutorials and training session in the game, however, for newbies, sticking with the tutorials is a perfect way to start. 

As a beginner in the game, start the game with easy settings, and once you get a hang of the controls and the gameplay you can increase the difficulty level for a better experience. Following this is a sure-shot way of getting more experience in the game while having fun. 

5. Safe Online Gaming 

Just like real life, there are toxic elements that you are bound to encounter as you enjoy your favorite games. In order to avoid such players, there are different controls and settings that you should be using. Most online platforms will provide you with reporting and blocking tools that you can use to tackle these toxic elements. 

Similarly, if you are looking for games that you can play with your kids, make sure to make the games kids friendly with appropriate language, no nudity, less gore, and blood splashes. Additionally, you can block open chat rooms, restricting their interaction. 

6. Never Overspend And Overplay

Another common problem with newbies is that they get into pay to win games that make them pay for in-game items so that they can glide through the game effortlessly. This is a big problem since no player would like to pay every week to get some in-game items. Another downside to such games is that if the player is not willing to pay for any time they might have to grind for hours in order to level up.

7. Never Overshare And Follow Commonsense Security

There are several common security aspects that any online players should be following as they play online. 

  • Use strong passwords with special characters and number and never share a password
  • Make sure you or your kids don’t share passwords or any other personal information with their friends or with strangers in-game
  • Avoid clicking on fishy links in emails and always be careful of the email account you use for your account

An Overview

Without a doubt, online gaming is all about fun and entertainment, and as a newbie, there is just no need to stress out about things that you encounter while enjoying online games. Just follow all these tips for a safe and seamless action online.