Sending a customized graduation greetings card is customary, especially if your loved one is celebrating their special day. The graduation cards can make your loved ones feel appreciated and loved. However, buying a ready-made card can be tempting, but they lack the warmth and personal touch incorporated into a customized card. Moreover, it is fun to create a card by yourself as it brings the love you share with your beloved ones. You can contact online custom graduation card creators such as Mixbook, who understand the importance of customized greetings cards. Here are tips that can help you create the best-customized graduation cards.

Start Earlier

Although designing a graduation card might not take a lot of time, it is better to start earlier to get the card delivered before graduation. It is possible to select the desired designs and copy-write texts within an hour, but the problem can arise during the shipping due to unintentional delays. You should also give the graduate time to find your card, and this means ultimately completing designing and sending the card before the graduation day.

Mind Your Language

If you have a close friendship with the graduate, you might use informal language. Moreover, you can remind them how you are proud of their educational achievements, and you may indicate shared memories. However, if you do not have a close relationship with the graduate, you might wish to avoid the informal language and ensure you pass your congratulatory message.

Incorporate Texts

Do not overflow the creative illustrations all over the card, as you might need to write some notes, headings, and captions. The graduate will feel loved as the handwritten texts show that you took your time designing the card, and it portrays your love.

Use Vertical or Horizontal Layouts

Vertical graduation card layouts may appear conventional but will leave more space which is efficient. It is better for creating a visually balanced proportion card with visual elements, texts, and beautiful designs. Most of the store-bought cards have this design, and you could opt for it. However, since the card will be sent by mail, it could be wise for you to have a horizontal design that can be stood up while hiding the inside content.

Try Different Templates

Creating a customized card can be easier than you think as you do not have to create all the designs by yourself. You can play with the templates available online and incorporate editing and Photoshop skills. Trying a template may guide you on the formats and layouts that will work for a graduation card. It will be easier to trim and bleed the trim lines, making it possible to correctly place the artwork in the safe zone and give the card a professional look.

The Bottom Line

Creating a graduation card might not be demanding as you do not have to customize the designs by yourself. Instead, you can try using the different templates found on the website and choose the appealing ones. Moreover, you can create the card ahead of time to allow the graduate to receive it before graduation. Furthermore, you might wish to incorporate your handwriting and use informal language that makes the graduate feel loved.