A few years ago, most people considered online games a preserve of kids, teens and sometimes adults who had nothing better to do. Though nobody knows what precisely changed this perception, the Entertainment Software Association estimates that 64% of household in the U.S now own a device on which they can play games. Despite the popularity of online gaming, people are also aware of the potential dangers that they expose themselves to when they engage in it.

Most households choose to steer clear of online games altogether to guarantee their safety. Though understandable, the guidelines below will cover a few ways of protecting yourself from the common technological threats in online gaming to ensure you enjoy it safely.



In this instance, scammers will construct something that resembles a popular game website then convince gamers to modify their passwords so that their accounts are validated. Most will threaten to close down the gamer’s account or block his/her access for non-compliance. The goal of phishing is to take over the gamer’s account details then resell them on the black market. To protect yourself from this, do not click links on emails or text messages but rather check any confirmations linked to your gaming details on the game’s official website.

Bullying and trolls


Almost all online games nowadays include text or voice-based chats between players. Unfortunately, in the highly competitive nature of online gaming, some players might bully others when they are mad about losing. Moreover, some chats in games, more so those that have virtual characters, might become disturbingly personal. Do not reveal your identity or private details to other gamers in online gaming platforms like tokyobet.net, and if anyone bullies or trolls you, stop playing with them and report them to the website’s abuse team.

Frauds and cheats

Depending on the rules of your game, people will often find numerous ways to cheat and gain a competitive advantage over others. Some of the common ways include using bots with better precision compared to ordinary players, fixing games, virtual fraud and using virtual gangs that rob other players. You might also come across gamers offering in-game advantage accessories at attractive prices, but these turn out to be rip-offs. To avoid cheats or frauds, do not accept suspicious proposals from strangers, and report anyone that seems to be advancing too fast in a game.

Inventory and character theft

Inventory and character theft

In character and inventory theft, crooks target in-game assets, paid game accounts, credit card information and well-developed game characters. Ultimately, if you have high-value in-game resources and better characters, criminals will usually target your gaming account so that they can resell them or scam your audience. To avert this risk, be careful with your account as you progress by using complex, unique passwords and having a two-factor authentication for it.

Smartphone and computer compromise

Sometimes, hackers will target the gamers who have fake game utilities or updates and claim to help them speed their game progress or customize their games. When gamers accept the ‘’help’’, the scammers will spread malicious apps to their computers or smartphones through in-game communications, attachments or phishing, among other ways. Sometimes, malware is spread as a part of legitimate game updates. To protect your gaming devices, regularly update your devices with current patches from operating system vendors and get the most reliable internet security suite you can find.

Child predators

Nowadays, child predators are increasingly finding their victims on online gaming platforms with the intent of harming them financially, physically or emotionally. This is especially common on games that are specifically meant for kids since parents often let their guard down on them. According to an article in USA Today, there has been a surge in child predators on online gaming platforms since the beginning of the lockdown with a surge in COVID-19 cases. To protect your child from these predators, set up parental controls that will limit the people with which your kid can communicate and monitor any users that want to become friends with your child.

The gaming sector has understood how important technology is to its bottom line and has slowly integrated to into almost all spheres. However, technology does not have to mean exposure of gamers to the above and other threats that will compromise their security or enjoyment of the game. With the recommended tactics, you can guarantee your safety when playing games online. Moreover, gaming platforms are going all out to invest in high-end technologies that maximize the safety of their clients.