Australian Online Gambling

When it comes to gambling in Australia, we can all agree that placing bets on various casino games is a really popular activity. And of course, apart from you having fun and winning money, you can thank the dealers for their hard work by tipping them.

Tipping casino dealers work the same as tipping any other worker – you give them as much of your money as you see fit for the job they do. But, if it’s easy to understand how to tip dealers from regular casinos, how does the situation change when it comes to online casinos? In today’s topic, we will tell you about it in more detail. 

About Tipping Casino Dealers

As we have previously mentioned, just like in regular casinos, in online pokies, you also have the opportunity to tip casino dealers if you want to. The reason why people tip online casino dealers is simply due to the fact that it is a fair thing to do since dealers get the most out of their salary from tips. Therefore, while playing pokie games, you can decide whether or not you want to place a tip to thank the dealer for his work. 

In regular casinos, tipping casino dealers is actually a rare thing especially on tables with low stakes, since there are usually no tips. However, if you do decide to tip a dealer, all you will have to do to tip them is to give them a chip worth something. It can be the smallest chip of AUD 1 or bigger chips, like an AUD 20 chip or AUD 50 chip. Regardless of the tip you pick, you may rest assured that the dealer will be very grateful.

Tipping at Online Casinos

When it comes to online casinos, tipping dealers is much easier. In comparison to regular casinos, where you have to put the bet to the dealer and have to think how much you tip to them, at online casinos in Australia, things are much much easier. Let’s say that you have just opened the casino game and started playing it. Once you are done, you are willing to tip the dealer, but, how is it done? It’s actually really easy, all you will need to do is to press the “Tip” button, and then decide how much you want to tip. When tipping, the amount you are willing to give away is solely up to you. You can tip a small amount or a big amount, just make sure that you don’t give away all your money by mistake. 

Do Dealers Keep The Money?

In offline casinos, tipping dealers is a bit tricky, since the casino itself will take a certain percentage of the money from all the tips the dealer received in a day. However, in online casinos, the situation is a bit different. Since at online pokies, you do not have to go anywhere, because of that, Australian online casinos allow dealers of all the live games to get almost all the money they got from the tips, and the casino itself only takes the minimum percentage.

Ricky Casino Review

If you are in search of a good online pokie in Australia but are struggling with your research, it’s no surprise. After all, you should be really careful while picking a pokie, since there are many factors that come into play, such as the license, the overall Terms and Conditions, the games that the online pokie provides, the payment methods and much more. So, in order to make it a bit easier for you, we would like to offer you the services of Ricky Casino.

Ricky is an excellent choice when it comes to online gambling in Australia. After all, the pokie does everything it can to make your experience as great as possible. By using Ricky, you may not worry about someone stealing your funds or personal information, as Ricky is a trustworthy online casino with a Curacao license and SSL encryption of servers.

When it comes to the range of gameplay, you will also be able to safely use Ricky Casino, as this pokie offers you a few thousand games in different genres from the best software providers such as Betsoft, Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and many more. In case you want to, you can also choose to play the same games, but in Live mode. In Live mode, you will not only have the opportunity to win a lot of money thanks to the great quality of live streaming but will also be able to tip the dealers.

And last, but not least, Ricky Casino provides its gambling services to all Australian players in a mobile version. There are two ways you can use Ricky outside of your house – by either using the mobile website or by getting the mobile application, which is fit for Android and iOS mobile devices alike. It can be downloaded from the official Ricky website and installed without any problem. Thanks to it, you will not miss a single profitable event, since the app sends push notifications to your mobile device, thus keeping you informed.


To sum it all up, we would like to say that it would definitely not hurt you to play not only for yourself but also to tip live dealers in online casinos. After all, by doing so, you will not spend that much money, however, you will be able to make some dealers’ days much better. It is random acts of kindness that rule the world these days. So, if you would like to play casino games where you can tip dealers that play with you, feel free to start using Ricky casino and play the games that are provided by this wonderful online casino in Australia.