TikTok has until September 15 to be sold to a US firm or face a ban in the US market. If the Chinese owned company does not meet the deadline, the US will join India and Hong Kong in blocking the app. While the geopolitical struggle goes on, many users from these economies have a difficult time choosing between clones that have come up.

Unlike TikTok, which stayed on top of short video social engagements for two years, these apps are somewhat new. President Trump’s August 1 announcement has seen clone apps gain new members very fast. Some of them that have seen a significant increase in the number of downloads include Byte, Triller, and Zynn. Instagram is also said to be reaping big from the woes TikTok is experiencing. 

Should You Try any of Substitutes?

We will be terming these apps as clones even though some of them were long before the main giant or have had a significant amount of time in the market. Perhaps the first reason that’s making people consider substitute programs is the fear of losing social identity. Many people are choosing to switch to any similar app to preserve their usernames and create a following. This is a backup plan in case TikTok exits the market for good. 

Even though there are talks that Microsoft, or another American firm, will buy TikTok, a backup plan does not hurt, and besides, the apps are free to join. 

Popular TikTok Clones

Instagram Reels 

Instagram recently released Reels, a feature that will allow users to record 15-second videos and discover what other users have already posted. Instagram Reels is a TikTok clone in disguise. However, this is not the first time Facebook-owned apps are cloning other social media competitors.

Notably, Instagram successfully cloned Snapchat into Instagram Stories, which were later implemented on the parent Facebook app. This is a case on point as various other clones have had success with the social media giant. There are high chances that Reels will emerge among the best alternatives to TikTok if the latter exits the market. There is no doubt that Reels will be like Sizzling Hot Deluxe for Instagram. 


Triller was in existence long before TikTok got entangled in a geopolitical battle between the US and China. Like its competitor, it allows users to share short videos and discover trends. App Annie reports that Triller had seen an exceptional rise in the number of daily downloads since August 1. It has a friendly user interface and is popular among celebrities and famous TikTokers. 


Byte is one of the short video apps that are benefitting from the wrangles TikTok is facing. Byte had recorded an increase in daily downloads from as early as July 28 when Mike Pompeo hinted at the impending closure of TikTok. According to a company representative who spoke to The Verge, the app has already enrolled profiles of some of the most creative people in the world. In short, some of the famous names are finding byte as the alternative if the former is shut down.