With freelancers now comprising over 35 percent of today’s U.S. workforce, it’s safe to say that freelancing is a lucrative working opportunity that shows no sign of slowing down. But what’s driving this increase in working in a freelance capacity? Experts say it is folks’ desire to work independently while enjoying more flexibility. This goes for younger people in particular. Of the tens of millions of freelancers today, both part-time and full-time, the average works roughly 36 hours per week — less than the traditional 40-hour (or more) per week job.

Freelancers time and time again say they enjoy being able to have a say in how little or much time they put in at their jobs. And the key to all of this versatility? Technology. Read on for three technology trends that are making a statement in today’s freelance economy.

Lucrative Side Gigs

Working from your home office (or while traveling, on vacation or on the train) has never been easier. Today, it’s possible to get your job done with the click of a mouse. Many folks are uncovering freelance opportunities with a wide variety of companies or finding one-off freelance gigs with companies like Upwork.com, Fiverr.com and Guru.com (among many others).

Some people who are dabbling with the idea of freelancing full time find it beneficial to start slow while working their current jobs. Getting your feet wet in the industry is a great way to learn if, indeed, it is something you will enjoy and be able generate income with.

Experts suggest trying it out part-time first, to ensure you’re ready mentally and financially before taking the complete plunge. This includes lining up enough work to cover your monthly bills.

Corporate Freelancing

Continuous advancements in technology are making freelancing and working remotely more possible than ever. Today’s savvy corporations are embracing freelancers … and for good reason.

Hiring staff members to work remotely or on a freelance basis is a nice benefit to offer current and future employees. Some say this can help increase morale and productivity and is a great way to attract talent that is seeking flexible working opportunities (and cuts down on employer costs). Furthermore, companies are seeing the value in freelance management technology to help manage their freelance employees just as easily as they would onsite employees.

Run a Business From Your Phone

Freelancing is also a profitable opportunity for entrepreneurial people from all walks of life to actually run a business right from their homes. Freelancing in direct sales, for example, allows you to work as little or as much as you like from anyplace you’d like. Technology has enabled direct sales independent business owners to reach more customers and potential customers than ever, while also increasing sales through their laptops or even their smartphones.

Amway is a longstanding direct sales company that offers the freedom and flexibility to build your business on your own terms. Many Amway Independent Business Consultants are working smarter (and easier) than ever with evolving technology trends, including the latest phones, Wi-Fi capabilities and social media platforms. Amway is proud to employ millions of folks who are seeking opportunities to make money on their own terms and time.

If you’ve been considering jumping into the freelance world, now is an ideal time, as the tech world and freelance economies show no signs of slowing down.